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The Haunted House (part 17)

The Haunted House (Part 17) Ravi decided to take matter in his hands also. Baba Prachandnath was really helpful but he has his limitations. Now when Ravi knew that Aina’s sister is involved in this he hired a private detective Mr. Jack. Actually his name was Jai Kishan but for short and as modern he […]

The Haunted House (Part 16)

The Haunted House (Part 16) This was the day when Aina told Ravi all her feelings. “Ravi, I Love You” “What are you saying Aina? We are just good friends.” Ravi was surprised to listen these words. He didn’t think about Aina in this way. “Yes Ravi, I love you and I can’t live without […]

The Haunted House (Part 15)

The Haunted House (Part 15) He went to Baba Parchandnath in the morning and told him everything. “Hmm, it makes sense. When you told me about Aina’s sister then I got hint that it is not soul which is torturing you, it is black magic. That’s why I changed the locket. Now it was for […]

The Haunted House (Part 14)

The Haunted House (Part 14) Ravi told this to Baba Prachandnath, he was not so surprised like Ravi. Now Baba Prachandnath got hint what is happening but he didn’t tell Ravi anything. He just gave Ravi and Ritu other lockets and assured them that this time these will protect more. Ravi went to hotel manager […]

The Haunted House (Part 13)

The Haunted House (Part 13) Ritu ran outside, Aina followed but she didn’t come outside the bathroom. Ritu took her cloths from almirah with trambling hands. She was not able to do anything. After some time when she got hold on her breath she called for room service. When a waiter came she told her […]

The Haunted House (Part 12)

The Haunted House (Part 12) Baba Prachandnath aimed his Trishul to Aina but water pressure was very high his was not able to hold it properly. They were going to die now. But that was not the time of their death. Door of the room opened itself. All water disappeared immediately like there was not […]

The Lost Highway (part 2 of 2)

The Lost Highway They found people were coming to them running. It was clear that they were Sarpanch’s men. Mohini caught Karan’s hand and run to one side. Rohit and Ramesh followed them. Mohini was from same village so she knew all streets and shortcuts. She was changing the streets quickly. Rohit got his leg […]

The Lost Highway (Part 1 of 2)

The Lost Highway Karan and Rohit were going to their grandfather. It was May and their college was closed for summer vacation. Both were in college Karan was elder and Rohit was 2 years younger. Their parents also wanted to come with them but their father got a urgent work at office so he didn’t […]

The Haunted House (Part 8)

The Haunted House (Part 8)   Next day, Meera came after Ravi went to office. She was happy because that Tantrik was ready to help. Ritu told her to ask him to come. Meera called to her husband. He messaged the tantrik. The tantric Baba Prachandnath came to home. He was average size, dark color […]