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He came back (Part 8) (Final part)

He came back (Part 8)  (Final part) Sthir’s behavior was changing. He was much aware about every unusual incident. He was always in search of a scientific reason for every situation or problem. He got good news that his model was declared first in that science competition. He was called to city next week to […]

He came back (Part 7)

He came back (Part 7) Sthir tried to escape, he threw his arms and legs but his fists and kicks were not affecting the alien. He took Sthir up to the hill. When they were crossing the path Sthir saw a low branch of a tree. He caught the branch to stop the alien. The […]

He came back (Part 6)

He came back (Part 6) Next day when he went to school he asked his father to ask Overnight people about courier. He was worried about his competition. In class of Mr. Ramanuj he forgot all this because he was discussing life on other planets. It was one of his favorite subject. He knew that […]

He came back (Part 5)

He came back (Part 5) He knew that his parents are very superstitious. He immediately becomes innocent about the thread. When his mother asked he told that he doesn’t know anything. He told that when he slept the thread was there but now he doesn’t know where it went. Somebody suggested that perhaps the ghost […]

The Haunted House (Part 8)

The Haunted House (Part 8)   Next day, Meera came after Ravi went to office. She was happy because that Tantrik was ready to help. Ritu told her to ask him to come. Meera called to her husband. He messaged the tantrik. The tantric Baba Prachandnath came to home. He was average size, dark color […]

The Haunted House (Part 5)

The Haunted House (Part 5) Ritu was happy, she forgot about the face in hotel. “Ritu, where is the tissues, I put them on dashboard” Ravi asked Ritu while searching. “Oh, I put that on back seat, because I don’t like anything on dashboard. Wait, here it is.” She moved to back seat for that […]