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The Curse (Part 10)

The CurseThe Curse (part 9)

At night he woke up due to his hunger. He was on his bed. He saw the mirror which was right side of his bed, he was looking normal. From internal he knew that he will be converted soon but whether he converts every time he feed? Nooooooooo. He seems normal but how can he be sure? Once he was hungry then he jumped over the wall with dog, but on return he climbed the wall. So there was a difference when he was hungry and when he was satisfied with meal. Moreover no one saw him when he killed. He saw his hands they were looking bigger than normal but it can be only his thinking.

Today he was feeling different; normally when he is hungry he lost his senses. Only feeding is the emotion which he remembers but today he is thinking straight. Whatever it is, he is hungry now and he must feed himself. He came to the window and before jumping he looked everywhere. He saw security guard and one policeman outside the gate. One policeman was patrolling. So it is a bit difficult. He waited till the second policeman came to the gate to join other two. Manohar removed his cloths (he couldn’t afford to risk blood stained clothes every time). He jumped from the window. There was no noise. He saw to his feet they were changed. They were not human anymore; the skin was converted into something else. It was like rock. He touched them his hands skin was also changing. Its color was changing to khaki color and it was becoming hard. So he was changing in reality. He doesn’t have time to think on this. He jumped from the wall in hurry.

Watching himself changing, made him careless for a while and it was a blunder. He forgot about the policemen. When he jumped from the wall which was other side of gate there was a policeman. The policeman was startled to see him because Manohar jumped in front of him. The policeman was speechless and Manohar was also shocked. But Manohar was quick to come in his senses; he caught the policeman by throat and raises him in air. Policeman’s horrified eyes were now bulging out from its sockets. Manohar didn’t want to kill a man but it was the first thing which came to his mind. Now it is too late he can’t leave him to tell everyone. With policeman in his one hand Manohar ran backside of home. He was fast. With 75 kg policeman he was running fast more than a normal man. After five minutes he was far away from his home and found a street which was empty. After finding 3 dogs Skelton people stopped to wander in streets at night. They thought that some animal has come in the city and Kanhaiya’s murder increased the rumor about some devil.

Hunger was now taking control on Manohar, it was saying to eat immediately but Manohar was in control yet. He knew in some time he will be fully converted then he will not be able to do anything good. So he entered in first empty plot he found and there behind a bush he starts eating. This time the taste was different and it was really delicious. First time he was eating a man and he was really enjoying it.

Soon he eat more than half of the policeman. This time he came to his senses soon. He didn’t throw the policeman there. He thought for a while and took the policeman with him. There was a big ground which was not used by people. Only bushes and trees were there. He came there and found a spot where trees were thick. He jumped and about caught a branch about 12 feet above. In one hand he had half eaten body of policeman and with help of other hand he climbed the tree. In midst tree he put the body. This can’t be seen by people from ground. After securing it he jumped on the ground and run toward his home.

Before he came to his home he saw again to his body. It was converting to normal again. So he must do it fast otherwise he will not be able to jump the wall at once. But he was stopped by seeing people near his home. Remaining policeman and watchman were there with other people. These were also policemen and servants of his home.

When the other policeman didn’t return to gate then the remaining policeman and watchman started search for him. When they didn’t’ find him then watchman called to servants of home and policeman called for backup police. Now there were many people outside the home and they were increasing their circle of searching. Manohar was standing there naked and now changed to normal. He moved backward to hide himself.

He felt that someone is near him, he moved his neck backside but before he could see something hit him on head hard. He lost his conscious. He was feeling that someone pulled him on his shoulder and carried him away. Then his mind went blank.

When he opened his eyes he was on his bed fully dressed. His hand went backside of his head where he was hit. There was not injury or pain. Was it a dream or reality? He came to the window there were many policemen outside the gate. Everywhere was police in home and outside till where he can see. He went to the bathroom. While brushing his teeth he saw some marks on his chest, he removed his shirt and found there were blood marks in whole chest and arms. So it was true that he went outside the home and ate the policeman. But how on earth he came inside the home? Someone hit him so it was his unknown friend. But who the hell is he? Why he is not coming in front of him? When he came outside after bath he found another envelop. He opened it fast. There was same handwriting.

Don’t go outside some days at night, you can eat lamb in the meat market

So he knew from the beginning. He knew that I ate the lamb. But he is right. I can’t eat near home some days. Manohar took the mental note and tore the paper. He was getting ready to go to college.


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