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The curse (Part 11)

curse fileThe Curse (Part 11)

Simran’s happiness was short lived. From some days she was happy that Manohar was not there but the incident Rashmi made her worried. Still not seeing Manohar was relief to her. But today was different that beast was standing on the side of her way with his friends. Simran shrink in herself like a lamb shrink by seeing a wolf. Today was again different because Manohar didn’t tease her or stop her way. It was strange perhaps he got interest in any other girl which is irritating. Simran was much curious in the girl Manohar has interest now. This is strange girl thing if someone is teasing then she complains but when he stops she is worried that that boy is with other girl. Same was happening with Simran. She had no interest in class her mind was going to Manohar everytime what he is doing? Why he didn’t say any word to her? No, he can’t be with anyone else otherwise why would he tried to strangle Rashmi. He still loved her. No, why is she caring for him. It is good for her that he is interested in any other girl. But who is the girl? Whether she is much prettier than Simran? And he was looking different. Is this because she is seeing him after a long time? No this is not so much long time that can change a person so much. Or only she is seeing him differently. He is looking much smarter and handsome. Other girls were also looking at him. Whether they don’t know that he loves me? No why she cares? These questions were constantly running in her head. When Rashmi poked her then she came to normal world.

“Hello, madam, where are you?” Rashmi asked.

“huh, nothing, nothing at all. Where is the teacher?” Simran asked

“O Hello, class is over. Where were you? For whom you were day dreaming?”

“No one is there. Stop teasing me. Just was not in mood.”

Both came outside and Manohar was there on the door. In heart Simran was happy when Manohar came near to her. But she didn’t let the emotions come on her face. There was one thing Manohar was looking hot. She saw to Rashmi and she was looking to him in strange way. She was not afraid, how can she forgot what Manhor did to her some days before.

“Hello, Simran.” Manohar was polite and it was totally strange thing.

“Hello” before Simran could stop herself, her lips said that. She immediately get her mistake and start looking here and there like she is trying to get away from here.

Manohar smiled. It is not that he became polite and this curse has changed him in a nice guy. He has become a predator a perfect predator. He was setting trap for his favorite pray and he was doing it intentionally it was someone else in his body who was controlling him now.

“Sorry for my misbehavior which I did to you.” It was shocking words which came from Manohar’s mouth. The effect was amazing. His friend’s mouth remain open, he forgot to close his mouth. Even Rashmi came out of her trance like situation. It was not right. Manohar can’t say sorry to anyone.

“it’s OK” Simran said shortly and tried to go

Manohar didn’t stop her. She and Rashmi went to common hall of girls.

“It was strange. He becomes nice and he is changed to a hot boy.” Rashmi said. Manohar’s new look was not leaving her.

“You also noticed that?” Simran asked her surprisingly. It means there is really some change.

“Perhaps he got some plastic surgery.” Simran suggested but who cares about that. Manohar was really hot now.

Both girls were chatting about Manohar in girl common room, some others joined them. It means Manohar’s new charm was affecting almost every girl. Simran was feeling insecure but she didn’t understand why.

Manohar was happy with this attention also. He did not understand what is happening but he was feeling that he is changed and people are looking to him. It was not like previous when people were afraid now girls are looking him with cool eyes.

Seema, a friend of his friend Ajay came to talk to his gang. The reason was that she wanted to talk to Ajay but she was much more interest in Manohar. Ajay was feeling jealous but he was not able to object in front of Manohar. After some talk she left and before going she shakes hand with Manohar. Manohar felt some paper and a smile came to his lips because he understood that Seema gave him her number. Manohar didn’t show this to anyone and put the paper in his pocket.

He left the college after that and called Seema. Seema was happy to see his number on her mobile. Manohar called her to come outside college where he was waiting for him. Seema came outside and seat in his jeap and Manohar started the jeap.


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