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The Curse (Part 2)

The CurseThe Curse (Part 2)

“HAHAHAHA, Brahmarakshas! Wow!, I like it.” Manohar laughed. He knew that it was nothing. Curse was mythological thing and not exists in reality.

“If I will be Brahmarakshas then I will eat you first.”  Manohar laughed and started his car and ran away.

Nobody else laughed. Simran was sure that that old lady meant that curse. She felt that heat of spiritual power of her. Other people were also serious perhaps they knew that old lady. Simran came to her and asked that was she ok. She smiled at her and told her not to worry and she started to go other side.

Simran came home, she was upset but Asha came to pick her so she went to college. Today was different, Manohar was not there. “Has he become Brahmarakshas already?” Simran was worried.

She is worried but why?

She never liked him and didn’t have any soft feeling for him. But she was worried that the curse was really big. She was not interest in class, when lecturer was teaching she was thinking about the curse. She was imagining how Manohar will be looked after converting. “Perhaps he got big teeth or his body will be covered by black fur. Oh no silly, that is werewolf. Perhaps he will suck people blood again wrong that is vampire. You are watching a lot of Hollywood movies.” She talked to herself.

When she was going to canteen at lunch time, she was that idiot again. He was there and singing a vulgar song so loud that she could listen. That worry turned into hate again. She was angry again the feeling was suspicious. How silly she is, who is thinking that a person will be change in something else by a simple curse. If this will be possible most of boys who are teasing girls would be blind.

Manohar was enjoying all this. After Simran entered in her home (he was following definitely) he went to his house after all his big sister was coming that day. When he reached home she was there. She had a 3 year daughter named Aahana. She was cute and naughty. Manohar was really fond of her. He liked to play with her. Small children are like toys of adults, they are so cute, there one smile can heal every tension and worry.

At dinner time, Aahana was eating with him. After a long time he was present at dinner time at home otherwise it was routine to go outside with friends. After dinner he took Aahana with him and went outside in the garden. It was MLA’s home so it was big. Aahana started to play with flowers, he took her in his lap and start putting flower on her head. He was near her neck and that smelled so good. It was like honey flowing in her body. He was tempted to taste that. So good smell, like he was a bee and flying in a flower field. Flowers were calling him to taste them, take honey from them. he came near to most beautiful and delicious flower and open his mouth to eat it. But something caught his wings and tried to pluck them from his body. He opened his eyes. His nose was touching Aahana’s hair and his bare teeth were almost touching her neck. Now she was bored from this game and trying to get up from his lap to go to swing. This was her struggle which brought him back in real world.

“What was that? What was I going to do?” Manohar was puzzled. This was the first time he did thing like this. Perhaps he needed sleep. He woke up early today to see Simran that’s why he is tired and due to this he slept while playing. This was a nightmare only. Yes this is the only explanation of his behavior. He brought Aahana in the home and handed her to his sister. He went to sleep.

At midnight he woke up. His full body was covered with sweat. He was hungry and thirsty; he tried to grab the water bottle which was placed near his bed. He drank water but it was like he was drinking nothing. His thirst was increasing; water was not able to satisfy it. Perhaps he needed something else, something warm and juicy, something which is ripped from someone else’s body. But what is he thinking? He is human, he can’t eat someone, it is cannibalism.

His eyes stops on the water bottle, bottle was normal but the hand which was holding it was not normal. It was not human hand; it was hand of some monster. It was bulkier almost twice of his hand size and had claws instead of nails.  Full hand was cover with rough and hard skin like crocodile skin. He shouted with fear but instead of scream there was a growl, a hungry, deep and full of horror growl.

He jumped from his bed; this was not a just jump. A very heavy thing bounced on floor. He afraid to tried to see anybody else in the room. But he was alone, he saw his foot and realize there was no other one. It was HIM. He was converted into a monster. He saw in the mirror, two large yellow eyes saw him back. Instead of him a monster whose head was swelled to double of his size was staring him. He came near to the mirror and looked more clearly. His full body was converted, spikes raised on his back and on his hands. His teeth were big and sharp. He was standing like a man, there was no tail but he was not like human any more. He got flash of morning, now he knew he is not human anymore he is a brahmarakshas now.


4 Responses to “ The Curse (Part 2) ”

  1. simmi hussain says:

    Ohhhhh my god….ur story is like a hollywood movie..I mean imagination is really superb..nd u r a really very good writer..keep writing god bless u sir..nd thnk u for sharing this story with ur readers.. all the best

    1. thanks Simmi
      I am glad that you likes my stories

  2. Manikanth says:

    I enjoyed to visualise the scene of when manohar starting to realise that he was becoming brahmarakha..

    1. Thanks for reading Manikanth
      You will get more in next parts

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