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The Curse (Part 3)

curse fileThe Curse (part 3)

Manohar was restless, his full body was aching. It was like his body needs a good stretch. But what if anybody will see him in this state, he can’t go outside like this. But there is no other option his body was not much bigger and muscular now and his cloths were not able to hide his body. It was late night and everybody was slept so he came outside his room and start going outside. His room was on first floor so he took the stairs to go down, in mid way he crossed guest room in which his sis and Aahana. While crossing the room a sweet smell came and his stomach gave a lurch. Heart was not ready but hunger started to play with his mind.

What bad can be happened if only he look into the room? He can control himself. He will just smell the little angel. The door was not locked. He entered in the room; there was a mirror on left side the room. While entering the room his gaze came on him and he was shocked to see a hideous creature in the mirror. It took some time to recover; he got the memory that this creature is no other than him. He saw the bed. There Aahana was sleeping with her mom. Smell was coming from her, he came near her and saw her. The smell was good and he just wants to smell her from near. He picked her up carefully, it was a difficult task because his hands were not longer human hands. He had big nails and rough skin. She was so small that she came only on his one hand. He took her near her nose, now he was losing his control. He just wanted to taste a little bit of her. It will not kill her, just a little drop of blood like a mosquito. He tried to just scratch her with his teeth. The taste was good, his mouth of full of pleasure. He never ate so tasty food before, his stomach was not satisfied on this small amount. This small pleasure was great, his stomach was not getting peace. His all senses were satisfied now. His tongue was busy in taking taste from his teeth. But wait how on earth a small drop of blood can be spread in all over his mouth? He opened his eyes and there was nothing but blood on his hands. He just ate his niece, a single bone was not left. There was only blood on his hands and on his mouth.

His sister opened her eyes and screamed to see a ghostly creature covered with blood near her bed. The scream made him woke up. He was sweating, his hands came on his face to wipe and he was normal again. Thank God, This was just a dream.

But this dream was not a normal dream. It was like a real life incident. The full night he was not able to sleep. Next morning, when he was getting ready he didn’t talk even didn’t see Aahana. When he came on breakfast table, the servant brought sandwiches and coffee. He took one bite and split it out. He shouted on servant “What the hell you have made? It tastes like mud.”

“Manohar Babu, I made as usual.” The servant was shivering with fear. He knew Manohar’s anger.

“What is wrong? Sandwiches are OK.” His father N.D. Tiwari took one from his plate and tasted. Manohar was surprised. He didn’t say anything and without saying any other word he left the table. He was hungry and hunger made him angrier. He took his jeep and took the way to college. He didn’t want to miss opportunity to see Simran.

His way was from meat market, it was morning so shops were closed because in India mostly people like to eat non-veg at lunch or dinner not in breakfast. But there was smell of blood everywhere, blood of chicken, lamb, buffalo and many other animals. But how he is smelling this, before today, he was not able to smell this and how he is distinguish all smells.

He stopped the jeep and went to backside of shops. There butchers were preparing for business. They were cutting animals. Normal people gets sick on view of this, before today Manohar was also not ready to see this thing. But today he was enjoying the view, spilling blood and meat was giving his eyes a satisfaction. A butcher came to him and asked what he wants. He was not sure but he asked for a lamb, it was the first option came to his mind. The butcher told that it is not ready yet. It will take more one hour to cut in pieces properly. But Manohar was in hurry, so he asked a living lamb without a single cut. The butcher was surprised but he didn’t argue as it was his business. He gave a live lamb to him. Manohar took it and put it on backside of his jeep. He was going to college before but now his jeep was going outside the city. There were trees everywhere. It was not a jungle, but there was no population to a long distance. He stopped the jeep and took the lamb with him. He was going on foot, when he was behind the trees, he made sure that nobody can see him from road. He saw the lamb, it was silent with fear. Actually animal can smell death, when death is certain and nothing in their hand then they become silent. In butcher shop hens, lambs and all other animals always keep silence because they knew that death is near. The lamb was silent from butcher shop. A glimpse of madness came in Manohar’s eyes. He opened his mouth and bite on lamb’s neck. Lamb was so horrified that no voice came from its mouth. Blood start to pour down from lamb’s neck and on Manohar’s shirt. After 15 minutes there were only bones left of the lamb.


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