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The Curse (Part 4)

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The Curse (Part 4)

Simran was happy because Manohar was not there but she didn’t know that Manohar was becoming more dangerous. He was turning into a monster who was preparing to destroy life of the city. Manohar went to home. His jeep entered from the main gate. He has washed his face so there was not stain of blood but his cloths were soaked with the blood. He left the way of garage and drove his jeep in the garden. Tyres of jeep were crushing many expensive plants. The gardener and watchman ran towards the jeep. They thought that something happened to Manohar so he has left control of jeep but when Manohar saw them coming towards him, he shouted on them which make them to halt in mid way. Both knew about Manohar’s angry nature. Watchman went to the gate but gardener was staring at his destroyed hard work. He spent months to nourish these flowers and now within seconds Manohar has destroyed them.

Manohar stopped his jeep below the window of his room. He came out of the jeep, he was keeping his back to the gardener who was still looking from a distance. Manohar shouted at him that he is fired. Gardener went to other side. Now Manohar was alone, it was a big home so nobody heard anything from inside. Moreover there was no noise because dying plants didn’t screamed. He was planning to go into his room through window because if he would enter in home with blood soaked cloths everybody will ask questions. He started to find some support but there was no one. the home was built with great skill, all pipes were inside the walls, walls were coated with plastic paints so even a lizard was not able to climb on these. There was window in ground floor room he could use that for support but it was not enough because these were till half of wall so if he would be able to stand up on this then only he could think to jump till his window and that was also really difficult work for a Olympic jumper also. He tried this because there was no other way. Window was in wall there was no portion outside so he was not able to stand on that. He climbed to the highest point but now there was about ten foot distance and he was not on the ground so it was impossible to jump. If he would be on ground then also he was not able to jump more than four feet now from mid-air how could he jump to ten feet. In frustration he jumped, from inner he knew it was vain BUT IT WORKED?

He easily got the window of his room. How could he? It was not natural but nothing natural was happening to him these days. He pushed the window but it was locked. He tried hard and gave a push little harder. There was sound of broken lock and window was opened with such force that glass of the window shattered.

“What happened?” A noise came from first floor. It was his mother’s voice she was shouting on a servant. She thought that any servant has broken something because Manohar and N.D. Tiwari were not in the home and his sister was sitting near her.

“Nothing mom, it’s me.” Manohar shouted. Normally he doesn’t reply but today he didn’t want anyone to come inside his room. Nobody came up, it was normal that his mother didn’t see him coming because there was a lot of door from anyone could enter in the home.

Manohar locked his room from inside, it was opened because he was not in home before. He went to cupboard and picked some cloths then he came inside the bathroom and took off his cloths. There was no detergent or washing powder in his bathroom because he never washed even his handkerchief. He tried his bath shop to clean the cloths but it was not possible for him. In frustration he threw the cloths but again he picked them because he couldn’t allow anyone to see them. Neither he was able to give servant these cloths to wash nor could he himself get the washing powder because he never do washing his cloths. He opened his room fridge there was whisky bottles stored. He took two from it and put his clothes in dustbin which was made of steel. He poured whisky from both bottles on cloths and ignited it with his lighter.

He was sleepy so he fell on his bed. When he woke up it was night and he was not in his room. He was in main hall of the home. Blood was scattered everywhere. On sofa his a headless body was lying. By the cloths he recognized that it was his father’s. Behind the table his mother was lying dead. Her stomach was ripped open like someone cut it with chainsaw. His sister’s body was lying on stairs like she tried to run from the murderer but he caught her in the way and ripped her open at the same spot. He was horrified, he put his hand on his mouth to stop him vomit. Something soft and sticky thing touched his mouth. Something was stick with his hand. His eyes were about to came out from the socket to see that thing. It was Aahana’s dead body. Big nails were coming out from her body. he tried to check them with his hand and screamed. A mighty big and hairy hand with big nails came towards Aahana. He jumped and tried to go away from the hand but it was still near him. Then he realized that it was his hand and the nails which were coming from Aahana’s body were his own. Aahana was like a small toy made of paper, his nails were went inside her body from backside and coming from front. His full family was murdered and now he realized that murderer was no one else, he was the one who has murdered his own full family. He was turned in to Brahmarakshas.

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