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The Curse (Part 5)

curse file

He shouted and woke up. It was a nightmare again. From the day when that lady cursed him he never slept normally. All nightmares were same in one term, in every nightmare he is Brahmarakshas and killing people, only difference was places and killing process. But he knew that he was turning- He was turning in to really bad creature. He ate a live lamb and that was also full and he jumped till first floor. There is something wrong with him.

“But why I am worried. I am getting stronger and it is great. People can only imagine getting so much power. They go to gym to be strong and here I am getting stronger much more than any living person. Strength needs energy that’s why I am hungry these days.” His mind was confronting him to get more worried. He got his reasons and now he was ok with that. He was trying to sleep again but he felt hunger. So he went to the refrigerator. It was full but he didn’t like anything because all was vegetarian. His family was Brahmin so non-veg food was not allowed in home and on this point his family was strict. He thought to eat rice but when he ate first bite of rice he spit it out. It tasted like dirt. He put the bowl again in refrigerator and came into his room. He was hungry and this hunger was not letting him to sleep. He needed food.

He decided to go out but it was 2:45 in the morning. No shop will be opened this time. He opened the window of his room it was about 20 feet high from the ground. In normal case he wouldn’t dare to jump but now his hunger was unbearable. He was not able to think anything; his mind was only thinking about some fresh meat. He was getting taste of morning lamb. It was juicy and tasty, yes he need something like that again. Only thinking about that his mouth was watering, his nose got even more tasty smell which was coming from the next room. In that room his sister and her daughter was sleeping. His hunger started to dilute his mind. Aahana was so nice, she would be more juicy and tasty than lamb. Whenever he takes her in his hands, he feels so soft skin. Her meat will be softer. WHAT HE IS THINKING? He can’t eat her, she is his niece.

He decided to go out otherwise he was not sure that what he will do. The window was still opened. He didn’t think or see, he jumped from the window. He landed with a thud, but everyone was sleeping. Even the guard Kanhaiya was also sleeping. When he start going near the gate he heard a bark. The dog of security guard was awake and doing his duty. If it would continue to bark everyone will woke up and he was not ready for that. The dog barked only once and before second two mighty hands caught it from throat. The dog was not a small dog it was 45 kg Doberman. It tried to attack but didn’t get much chance. Within 2 seconds its neck was broken. No voice came from its mouth. Manohar took it in his arms and jumped straight from the 8 feet boundary wall. He took the dog in a place behind his home where no person was coming in the day also and it was night. He started to eat the dog. Its taste was different from the lamb but he liked it. His teeth were tearing its flesh so easily like it was made of paper. He was so hungry and the dog was so delicious that he forgot everything near him. He stopped when he was chewing its head after eating the full body. Then only he came to his senses, he got the sense that he is human and he is outside the home in the night and he is covered in dog’s blood. He was frightened now. He saw the head of dog in his hands and threw it with disgust. He was not able to think properly. He studied his surrounding, he was behind his home, slowly he got glimpse of previous one hour- How he woke up and how got hold of the dog.

He ran to his home, he didn’t want anyone to see him here at night. He came near to gate and about to wake up the guard but he stopped. When the guard will ask how he was outside the home without his knowledge then what he would reply? So he came near to wall again it was eight feet high. He jumped and caught the end of wall. It was really difficult to climb then how he jumped over it with a dog in his hands? He crossed the wall and in same procedure like day he came into his room. Again his cloths were full of bloods. He couldn’t light them up again in night because in night light will attract people. So he dropped the cloths in dustbin and wore new cloths. He decided to put the old cloths in fire next morning.

Next morning he slept till 11 a.m. When he saw the clock he became angry he didn’t reach the college in time. He was not missing college, he was missing to tease Simran. On the other hand Simran was happy but little tensed why Manohar was not coming. Girls are strange in this matter when someone stares them or comments on their beauty they like it from inside but from outside they show anger. Simran was not sure whether she likes it or not but she was feeling strange.

Manohar was not hungry, last night dog was still in his stomach. He got ready in hurry and left for the college. When he came outside he saw the night watchman was still there and day watchman was talking to him. Night watchman was worried and about to weep. His face was clearly showing that his he got warning from his dad. Manohar knew why was that because of missing dog. They would have think that Kanhaiya didn’t lock the door properly that’s why the dog ran away or he was not careful enough. But he didn’t stop to hear much. He took his jeep which was now in garage (He left the key in the jeep perhaps any servant parked the jeep in garage on order of his father). When he crossed near the meat market he remembers yesterday’s lamb. It was tasty but today he is not hungry. Maybe in evening he will eat that but he must be careful for his cloths this time otherwise how he will cover the shortage of his cloths. Cloths? He forgot to fire the night cloths they are still in the dustbin and he had seen the maid going towards his room while leaving home. He reversed the jeep in same speed, the jeep was about to turn upside down. He raced to the home.


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