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The Curse (Part 6)

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The Curse (Part 6)

He almost clash jeep in the main gate. In the last moment the guard opened the gate. Actually guard saw him coming in speed and he knew Manohar’s habit so he opened the gate immediately. Manohar was not in mood to apply brake. He applied brakes sharp near the door. He jumped from the jeep and ran towards his room. Aahana was playing in the hall she called for him but he didn’t care. Her delicious smell tried to stop him but his worry about his secret overcome on the thrust of blood.

The maid was cleaning the room and room was mess. She took broom and start swiping the floor. She has cleaned his bed already. Actually she was waiting for him to go outside. No servant was daring enough to enter in his room while he was in room. So as soon as he left the home the maid started cleaning. The dustbin was near the table. When she picked the dustbin to throw the garbage a shout stopped her. She recognized the voice. The terror of Manohar and loudness of shout made her so frightened that she screamed and dropped the dustbin. Manohar was on the door. When he saw that she dropped the dustbin he jumped and with the speed of wind he came near the maid and caught the dustbin in mid air. Maid was stunned. Manohar told her to leave the room at once. There was no need to say because as soon as she saw Manohar her first reaction was to leave the room.

After maid gone, he checked the dustbin but there were no clothes. Where the hell are clothes gone? Who took them? Manohar was puzzled. Is this mean that someone knows about him now? Perhaps who took the clothes didn’t see the blood yet. Perhaps the person just took the clothes and put in washing machine. It was maid’s fault he must reap her throat and suck her whole blood for this mistake. He was about to call for maid but stopped because he didn’t know what to ask. Should he ask “where the hell my blood stained clothes?” No, he can’t ask this. He came down to check the washing machine. Now where the hell is this washing machine? He had no choice so he called the maid and ask whether she took clothes from his room. His voice was deep and full of threat. He was controlling himself otherwise his thrust was saying him to eat her alive. She replied with a terrified yes. He told her that there is some money in the clothes so he needs the clothes. She didn’t need any reason why he is searching anything. She wanted to just get out from his sight. She told him the bathroom where the washing machine is kept and ran away. He came into the bathroom and checked the clothes. There were his some old clothes but not those clothes.

“Where are my clothes?” He asked himself.

He was frustrated and in frustration he pulled the door of washing machine and in next moment it was in his hand. Cloths were on floor. He was not used to his new powers. He left the door on the floor. He knew that nobody would dare to ask him about this. Servants were afraid of him. he came to his room again and start searching but clothes were not there. His anger was increasing but he knew that he will not gain anything by this. Now his mind was trying to control his power. So he set down on bed and start thinking about night.

“Is it possible that I have left clothes where I ate the dog? No it can’t be because I remember I came fully clothed. But am I sure??” He was doubtful about every incident which his mind was saying happened last night. His visions were foggy. Whenever he tried to recall the memory his mind always provide something new. So he was not sure.

He decided to check the place where he thinks he ate the dog. There must be the remaining of dog because he remembers that he didn’t bury or hide the dog body. He came out to the main gate. The guard Kanhaiya was looking to him in strange manner. Actually he himself was looking strange. He was fully covered with cloths even sunglasses. It was not so cold. Moreover Kanhaiya was night guard he never worked in day or Manohar never noticed that he worked in day shift but Manohar normally don’t notice any servant. Anyway Manohar was feeling like Kanhaiya knew that he killed his dog. But it can be possible that he was looking him in surprise because Manohar didn’t go to even school without car. Actually after school time Manohar never went outside on foot. He ignored his gaze and went outside.

He wandered here and there in front of home only to show that he is normal and then he went backside of home. He went near the back wall but there was no blood or carcass of the dog. Perhaps it is on some distance because in that condition he could cross big distance. So he went about fifty feet but there was no sign of dog’s boy. So it is true that his mind was playing game. Whether he actually ate the dog? Perhaps it was his nightmare again. But then why his stomach is full? He didn’t eat breakfast.

What is happening to him? He was not sure. He came to the main gate. Kanhaiya was waiting for him with an envelope in his hand. Kanhaiya told him that a courier guy came and gave this for him. On the envelope only his name and address was mentioned in barely readable writing but there was no sender name. There was no other mark or name was mentioned. He shouted on the guard for taking this type of envelope from a stranger. He wanted to read that immediately but these days he likes to do anything in private. So he came inside his room again ignoring playing Aahana. He opened the envelope it was a letter in same bad writing in which the address was written. In the letter only one line was written which made his heart to skip a beat.

Don’t worry; I have taken care of everything


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