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The Curse (Part 7)

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The Curse (Part 7)

“What is this? It means someone know about me and my situation. But who can it be? That old woman who has done some magic on me. Yes. She is the one who knows about me. But why she is hiding my deeds if she is angry with me then she must disclose this in front of the entire world. Oh yes, if she will disclose me then she will be unmasked too. People will know that she is a witch. That’s why she is not telling about me and helping me to hide myself. I must visit her and ask her to stop this bloody magic otherwise with this strength I will kill her.” Manohar decided to finish this matter. These days when he was angry his first thinking was to kill someone. Perhaps this was side effect of this curse and he was afraid of this thing only. He liked the power and strength which came with this curse. This was really unbelievable.

He went to the God Shiv temple where he met Simran that day when he was cursed. He asked the priest about that old woman. But he showed that he is ignorant about her. Manohar knew that the priest was telling a lie but what could he do about this. He asked many people then one man in ragged clothes came and told that he could tell about that woman if Manohar gave him Rs. 500/-. Manohar took out his purse and gave him Rs. 500/- but immediately pulled back and said that he will get when he will show the residence. The man took him to nearby hut. The hut was situated in the garden of temple. So priest was telling a lie. He must be reaped open. Again his mind was persuading him to kill.

He barely controlled himself and gave Rs. 500/- to the man. The man was happy but don’t know why his happiness again initiated the anger of Manohar. He wanted to kill the man because of his smile and eat him immediately on the road. His stomach was rumbling now. He was really hungry. He caught the hand of that man. The man was surprised. He was looking to Manohar with strange looks in his eyes. Slowly that surprise in the eyes converted in to fright and pain. Grip of Manohar on his hand was strong and now crushing his hand’s bone. A Car was crossing from that road and a cow came on the road. The car’s brakes screeched and the driver honked the horn really hard in frustration. Everybody looked in that way. This sound shocked Manohar’s mind and he came to his senses. What he was going to do? Killing someone on the road was not a good idea. This curse was controlling him. Now the meeting with that old witch was compulsory for his future.

He came to the hut’s door. He wanted to broke the door and strangle that old woman but don’t know why his body was not supporting him now. He was full of sweat. It was not cold then why he was sweating and why he was feeling powerless? Where was his power now? He was confused. Whether this is part of that old woman’s magic? Perhaps she had made arrangements so that nobody can hurt her, but then why other people are normal. In temple there were many people but no one was showing any sign of weakness. He was feeling this from the time he came near this place. Now as he is coming near this place the weakness was increasing.

“Whatever I happened I must talk to her.” Manohar’s thoughts were not full of blood now. He was feeling weakness and wanted to go home. he knocked on the door.

“You are not welcomed.” A deep voice with glimpse of hatred came from inside.

Manohar knocked again. It was necessary to meet that witch.

“I told you that you are not welcomed. Go away from here Brahmarakshas.”

This made Manohar angry. Anger overhauled the weakness. He pushed the door. Door was not locked from inside and it swing opened. In front of him that old woman in white saree was sitting on the floor. She was holding a rudraksh mala. Manohar tried to enter but it was like burning inside. Temperature of the hut was so high that it could melt steel. It was strange that that old lady was sitting so calm and the hut which was made of wood and leaves was not burning. Is it possible that only he is feeling this fire? Perhaps that old lady has done some magical ritual to stop him. But he didn’t care about that. He needed his answers and he will take them from her.

“What have you done to me?” saying this Manohar entered in the hut but immediately came back outside.

“I didn’t do anything. You are same as you were before. I just give you your true form.” That lady replied calmly.

“No, you are lying. You are playing your magic tricks with me.” Manohar shouted in frustration. He was still trying to enter in the hut but now it was difficult to stand outside hut also.

“I told you, you are not welcomed here. It is better that you go at once and stays away from any holy place.” Sensing his frustration that old lady said.

“What have you done? You will be sorry for this. I will kill you and eat your flesh and chew your bones. I am promising you. Your little magic tricks can’t stop me forever.” Manohar roared after this. This was not a human roar it was of a dangerous animal. The roar shocked the whole temple. Many women shouted in terror. People were afraid and looking for source but nobody was able to know the real source. Afraid people started to leave the temple at once. Manohar came home but surprises were not over yet. There was another letter waiting for him on his bed. The letter was from same person because the writing was same bad. He opened the letter.

Don’t look for me. I am always with you to look after you.


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