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The Curse (Part 8)

The Curse

The Curse (Part 8)

“Who the hell is he? Who knows about me and why he doesn’t come in front of me?” there were so much questions which were unanswered yet. But he was helpless in this issue. On one thing he was sure that that old lady is not the only person who knew his truth.

At night his mother knocked on this door. She was worried because he was not eating at all. She knew that he eats outside many times but this time he skipped food for 3 days and she was worried. He simply told her that he was eating with his friends outside. In heart she knew the answer actually she was afraid about him because Manohar was acting odd these days. He was not meeting anyone even his sister and niece. They went to their home that day and he was not there to say bye to them. He was not interested in talking. He tried to tell her simply that he is tired and want to sleep. But don’t know how mother can sense something is happening to her child. She was not leaving him alone. He shouted at her and there was something in his eyes that even his mother was frightened and leaves the room at once. He was not sorry for that at all. He was still angry at her. Someone from inside was telling him to eat her but he was stopping himself. He went to the bathroom. While washing his hands he looked into the mirror an surprised to see so much change in his face. His features were sharp and attractive. Previously his face was some oval shape but now his cheek bones were coming outside. His jaw line was visible from outside. His face was hard and showing strength. He removed his shirt and saw his body. It was not the same as last week. It is muscular now. He could see his abs now. His bi-shapes were bulging out. This improvement was pleasant. He was worried for nothing, this transformation was good for him. He was becoming smart and handsome. Girls will die on him.

That night when he woke up he was hungry. His hunger was uncontrolled. Smell of human flesh was making him hungrier. He wanted to go down and eat all family members but he was not animal enough to eat his own family. He opened the window and without a single thought he jumped from his window. He didn’t wait because his senses were sharp and he knew there was nobody near him except a guard on gate. Kanhaiya was alert on his duty but Manohar didn’t care he jumped easily from the wall. Today he was not caring about anyone or anything. His first goal was to feed him. His mind was also changing, in his first kill (the lamb) he was conscious and ate with safety so that nobody could see. The second kill was from road and it removed his fear to be caught. There were a lot of street dogs near his home. He was always angry by their barking at night. Now this is time to teach them a lesson so that they will never be able to disturb anyone.

He followed the barking, it was from backside of his home and almost near. He reached there, easily in about 10 seconds. His speed was not human but that time he didn’t realize that. He saw a group of dogs which were become silent with terror to see him. They were small and not dangerous. He didn’t think again and jumped on that group. The dogs tried to run but he grabbed one by throat and within second he broke the neck. When he could break the neck of a Doberman easily then these street dogs were nothing to him. Second dog he was trying to run but it forgot the right way and ran towards a wall. After killing first Manohar stood up and looked on it. The dog ran into wall, other three sides were open but it was so terrified that it didn’t try to run. It opened its mouth to shout but no voice came from it because Manohar broke it. Manohar sensed one more dog it was hidden behind a tractor tyre. Manohar didn’t give it any chance also.

Now he had three dogs to eat. He didn’t realize where he is and start eating. The hunger caught him completely and he started to feed himself. Within one hour he ate all three dogs. He left the place with satisfaction. He came to his room and went to bathroom for a bath. He was not worried about clothes because he decided to sleep naked from that day. He found the method to remove this worry. At night he had no fear of anyone to see him. If someone will see him he knew what to do with that person. After bath he went to sleep but his nightmares woke him up many times. He woke up at 6 a.m. he decided to go to college today. He hasn’t see Simran these days so he decided to go to see her. Thinking of Simran brought a smile on his lips. She was ignoring him but this thought didn’t make him to think to eat her. It was surprising. Whether he was in love with her?

He went to College in his jeep, during the way he called all his group that he is coming. All were happy. In reality they were not happy that they were missing him they were missing his money. He was waiting for Simran but she was not coming. He saw Rashmi but Simran was not with her. He stopped her way and asked about Simran. She told that Simran is ill so she didn’t come. It made Manohar really angry he wanted to eat Rashmi for this. It was her fault that she didn’t bring Simran with her. He didn’t know when his hand grabbed Rashmi’s throat. His friends were horrified to see this. They caught him and tried to rescue Rashmi. Their voices brought Manohar to his senses. He saw that Rashmi’s eyes popping out due to pressure on her throat. He immediately left her. She fell down. Her other friends caught her. His friends brought him to his jeep. They were not afraid of teachers or police because N.D. Tiwari was able to handle anything and Manohar was his son.

Manohar was nervous now. He left the college and came home. A shock was waiting for him at home also.


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