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The Curse (Part 9)

curse fileThe Curse (Part 9)

There was police outside his home. How dare policemen come near to his home? Whether they have got some clue about his night eating work? He needs to ask them.

He stopped the jeep outside the gate as there was no way to enter. A policeman came near and tells him to go away. Manohar was angry because a small constable (small rank of police officer) dared to tell him anything. He told him who he is and constable went to his senior. The senior told his juniors to let him pass. Manohar didn’t ask them why they were here.

When he entered in home he saw him whole family was there. Chairs were outside in the lawn and his father and his some persons were sitting there. DGP (Director General of Police) was also sitting there. Manohar parked the jeep and went to near them. A servant came running with a chair for Manohar. He set there and asked his father what happened. His father told that their night watchman kanhaiya was found dead.

“If an old man was dead then why the hell police has come?” Manhoar asked angrily.

“Shut up Manohar” his father stopped him. He was in full control and knew there are many high levels personal were present and his son’s behavior was not appropriate for the moment.

“He is murdered, someone broke his neck.” This time DSP told him the reason of police coming.

“Murdered? Who did this?” Manohar was surprised. He was terrified internally because this is the method which he used to kill his prays. But he didn’t kill Kanhaiya. Did he? He was not sure what are nightmare and what reality is, these days. He doesn’t know what he did last night. Perhaps he killed Kanhaiya after eating dogs. But he don’t remember anything clearly.

“We don’t know yet but don’t worry; we will find the criminal soon.” DSP replied.

“Did you find any clue?” Manohar was curious and he was asking in haste.

“They will find. You go to your room and take rest.” Before anyone, Mr. N.D. Tiwari told him. He knew that his son was not ready to face people.

Manohar was frustrated but he didn’t say any word. He was never able to speak properly in front of his father. He always fills some strange pressure on him while facing his father. He left the place and come inside the home in his room.

Manohar was inside the home but his mind was outside with the police investigating the murder. He was afraid that he might have killed the poor old man and don’t remember anything. But his mind was telling him only about killed street dogs and after eating them coming home. There was no incident or nightmare he remembers about killing a person.  But whoever do this it was not good. Police has come to his home and perhaps they will put a watch on his home now. It will be difficult for him to go outside at night. But this is the matter in which he couldn’t do anything.

He was inside the home whole day. The whole day police was outside. His father was also in home that day so he came in dining room for lunch with everyone. His mother stopped him and told him that his father has instructed him to stay in his room. He was angry but was happy also because he was not hungry for this normal food. He came in his room and didn’t eat anything. His mother thought that he is angry but she also didn’t dare to come inside his room. After that day incident she was keeping distance from him. He doesn’t know what his mother saw in his eyes. It must be horrible which has stopped a mother to come near her own son.

At night his father came to him and told him the whole incident. Manohar came to know that the police didn’t find any clue. He was relieved to hear that. His father seat near him on his bed, which was an unusual thing. He told Manohar that police think somebody came to rob the home but Kanhaiya stopped them so in frustration they killed him. There was no struggle sign so it may be possible that robbers were many and they didn’t give Kanhaiya any chance to raise a alarm. Rest they will know after postmortem report. His father put his hand on his shoulder and told him not to worry about these things and to take rest.

After his father left his room Manohar was satisfied with himself. Police has no doubt on him and he is free. For minor things his unknown helper is there. His mind was giving him these ideas not to worry. From childhood he was not worried about anything because N.D. Tiwari was powerful man, after change he was careless about anything at all. Now his whole and main concern was how to feed himself today night.

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