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The Curse

The Curse

The Curse

“Hey Gorgeous, from where you stole this purse?” Simran was shocked to hear this.

“What do you mean by stole? It is mine.” She turned and shouted on Manohar the most idiot and nonsense boy of the college. He was only child of Mr. N.D. Tiwari. So was MLA of the town and trustee of the college.

“This doesn’t match with your costume and I see you are bringing this from last week, perhaps you want to utilize it fully before the owner finds you.” Manohar laughed and so did his all friends.

Simran was about to cry. She was feeling humiliated. Her friend Rashmi caught her hand and brings her to class. There were tears in Simran’s eyes. She was from a middle class family and couldn’t afford daily changing accessories. She was angry not because of her poverty but she was unable to fight against Manohar. His father N.D. Tiwari was one of the strong leaders of ruling party.

This was the routine problem in college. Manohar was so arrogant that he never cared for lecturers also. Everyone was afraid of his big and famous father N.D. Tiwari. Simran’s friends told her not to mention it to any teacher and to forget all this. Because there was not hope that Manohar will get any punishment for his act. From sometime Simran was his prime target. He purposed her but she refused. Actually she knew his intentions, it was his routine to purpose a girl and if girl is innocent and needy then he used to use them. After rejection Manohar become best critic and enemy of Simran. Not a single day passed when he didn’t teased her.

Nobody knew is this his love or hate but there was something, because his target was full college not a single girl. But this time it was different from last two months he was teasing Simran.

“Perhaps he started to love you.” Asha guessed on Manohar’s fondness for Simran.

“Don’t be fool. It is his lust only. He can’t love anyone except himself.” Simran was irritated. Actually whenever she heard his name her mood changed immediately.

“Ok darling, don’t take tension. He will change his target when he will found a new one.” Ankita assured her.

“But where he will get more beautiful than Simran? So I think it is lifetime sentence now for her.” Asha’s lines made everyone laugh. Even Simran smiled. How angry is a girl but when she listens praise of her beauty, she forgets her anger and enjoy the praise.

Next day was Sunday, the best day for Simran. No college, No Manohar and no irritation. She had stopped to go outside on Sunday because of him. The next Sunday after rejection she went to market then she found him near her street. He followed her till market and didn’t let her purchase a single thing. She came home early and explained her parents about this. They were terrified because no parents are ready to take risk for their daughter for a powerful father’s shameless son. They never tell her to go to market on Sunday. Going college was must, they tried to get admission in other college but it was almost impossible to change college in mid of semester. One of her father’s friend point out that changing college within city is not a solution because he will follow her in any college of city and sending Simran outside the city was not possible for that middle class family. So Simran decided to continue her study in same city. But she was not allowed to go college alone. Her friends were coming to her home to pick her. Once Asha was ill so Simran also didn’t go to college because it was Asha’s turn to pick Simran.

Next day was Monday, 16 Monday fast is famous in India. Mostly girl follow this for a suitable husband. It is believed after 16 Monday’s fast Lord Shiva will bless the girl with a suitable husband. Simran was also not exception. But today was different, when she was going to temple; she noticed a white car was following her. It was Audi. So there was only one answer for this MANOHAR.

How the hell he woke up this early? But there was no other option, she was supposed to go to temple and do her pooja otherwise her routine of 16 Monday fast will be broken. She went to temple and Manohar stopped outside. She was afraid and when you are afraid you remember God. She prayed to God to save her from him. When she came outside, he was waiting for her.

When she was distributed the “prasad” he came near and bring his palm for ‘prasad’. She gave him some and tried to go but he caught her hand. She tried to release her hand but he was strong. Many people were seeing but nobody dare to come near and save her.

“I love you and you are mine.” Manohar said.

“Leave me, please, let me go.” Simran was trying to be free. Her pooja thali was dropped on the road in this struggle.

“Release her.” A shout came from behind and a stick got Manohar on his back.

He immediately releases Simran’s hand. Both turned to see who this brave person was. There was an old lady in white saree. On her forehead she had Chandan Tilak , her face was full of anger and shining with spiritual light.

“Release the girl rakshas, How dare you to treat her like this.”

“Old lady, do your work. Don’t come between us. Otherwise it will be harmful for your health. You have come to age to death now why are you making this painful. Go to your home and pray for peaceful death.” Manohar threatened that old lady.

“Think about yourself and leave the girl.” The old lady’s face was still glowing now with anger.

“Yes, stop this demon work.” Another woman came to rescue. It is oblivious in India, first person is rare but when someone dare to stand against evil then the whole crowd stood behind that person. Now people were getting angry and started to support the old lady.

“Go son, otherwise it will be not good for you.” A man came forward.

“Yes, go at once.” Many voices came now

“Don’t let him go. He needs some punishment. Give him some beating and he will not dare to touch any of our sisters or mothers.” A young man shouted. People were agree now and surrounded Manohar.

Now Manohar was in trouble. He pulled out his revolver and fired in the air.

Everyone surround backed two steps.

“Anyone, who will come near me, I will shoot him.”

“And for you, you are mine, next time I will take you with me.” He told to Simran. He was frustrated because he was not able to do anything in this situation.

“You old brat, I will take care of you. You will be sorry.” Saying this he pushed the old lady. The push was really hard for the lady, she hit the road and her head hit a stone. There was blood on her head. Simran came forward to help her but the old lady was quick to get up. Now her face was so horrifying, it was like fire was coming from her eyes. Simran was feeling rays and she was sure there was something terrible going to be happened.

The old lady shouted,” You dared to touch a girl without her permission and you attacked to an old lady. Because of you, this girl is not able to sleep peacefully now you will not be able to sleep anymore, nightmare of your evil will haunt you. You have heart me without any reason now your whole family will suffer my pain. Your acts are not of a man these are the act of rakshas. I curse you that your will become what you are from inside. You are a brahmin from cast but from act you are rakshas so I curse you that you will become a brahmarakshas.”

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