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The Haunted House (Part 10)


The Haunted House (Part 10)

“What was that? How it can be? There can’t be two Aina?” Ravi was also confused when Ritu told him the whole incident.

“That bad Aina was frightened to see the other Aina” Ritu differentiated both by judging the incident.

“I hope we get rid of both Aina. I don’t want any Aina disturbing our life.” Ravi was worried-furious-confuse.

That night both didn’t get sleep after that. Every sound was making them to shiver with fear. But nothing happened after that.

Next morning was also tensed. They didn’t tell anything to Ritu’s parents. They were going back to their home. Ritu’s father had work in their city. Ravi tried to stop them but he also didn’t want them to get loss due to absent in business. But he really wanted them to remain here because he got real parents first time after his childhood.

Ravi went to office but his mind was working on night’s incident. Now he was sure that there is something and Ritu is right on this. So he didn’t argue that it can be a dream like a cheap hindi horror movie, in which people see ghost and argue till end that there is no ghost. Now it was time to take action, to reveal the truth. So he decided to search of Aina.

She knew that Aina was doing MBA for which she was getting training in his company. When they both get friendly then Aina told him about his family. But he didn’t remember much because he was not his boy friend or something like this. It was Aina who got passionate about him.

He took leave and went to that previous company. Staff was changed much. He went to HR office; atleast head of department was same. He introduced himself and asked help from HR head. He denied that it is against company policy. He can’t give him detail of any trainee. He tried to explain him that it is very necessary but when he told him about ghost, he started to disbelieve on him immediately. Nobody in fit mind can believe in ghost stories. So Ravi left the cabin empty handed. He remembers that that HR head always asked for his help for tax saving purpose, he never rejected. Now when he needs help he refused. There was no other option so he left the company.

When he came outside the office building some known face came and wished him.

“Good afternoon, Sir, What a pleasant surprise.”

Ravi tried to remember, “Rohan?”

“Yes Sir, are you joining again?” The person named Rohan asked.

“No, just came for some help. But after leaving company nobody is ready to help.” Ravi said dully.

“What happened, Sir? But first came inside.”

Ravi was not interested but Rohan insisted. He didn’t want to break his heart. He just came to know that when someone rejects how its feels. So he came inside with Rohan.

Rohan brought him to his desk. He was very junior when Ravi was working in this company. Once he came to ask help because Income tax department sent him a notice. Ravi prepared reply and helped him to resolve the case. It was not much help but Rohan took it a big favor.

Rohan called the peon and asked for tea and some refreshment. Peon also knew Ravi. He brought urgently all the things.

“Sir, tell me, what help you wanted?”

“Nothing much, leave the matter. I asked your boss but he was helpless.” Ravi knew that Rohan is very junior and when HOD can’t help, how can he help.

“Just tell me sir, perhaps I can help you.” Rohan insisted.

“Ok, if you insist.” Ravi told him all the incident and told him that he need detail of Aina.

“Only this, Sir?” Rohan said as it was nothing to him.

“Can you help me on this matter?” Ravi got a hope.

“Off course Sir, tell me in which year she was here?”

Ravi told him the year and in just five minutes Rohan worked on his computer and gave him the print. It was resume of Aina which she submitted at the time of interview.

“Oh, thank you Rohan. You don’t know how much I am obliged?” Ravi beamed to see details.

“Not to mention sir, just don’t tell anyone this, otherwise boss will be angry.” Rohan was also happy to see Ravi’s face. He was relieved that he helped Ravi. In India people always remember help of others and always tried to help back. In this way, they think the debt of this will be over.

Ravi came home and checked the resume. Aina gave detail of her family. Her address was same as their home. Her father was died some years ago. She was living with her mother and a sister. No other detail was available from this resume.

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  1. bharadwaj says:

    Nicely Narrated Sir!

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  3. shilpi says:

    ohhh…….ravi went to search aina…….waiting for next twist………………..

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