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The Haunted House (Part 12)

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 12)

Baba Prachandnath aimed his Trishul to Aina but water pressure was very high his was not able to hold it properly. They were going to die now. But that was not the time of their death. Door of the room opened itself. All water disappeared immediately like there was not a drop of water there. Ravi came inside. All three of them were on ground.

“What happened? What are you doing on floor?”

“Ravi… Ravi… Ravi..” Ritu said and caught Ravi in a tight embrace like he was his only support of life.

“Hey, Ritu, calm down.” Ravi hold shaking Ritu.

Baba Prachandnath and Meera stood up. Baba Prachandnath was also shocked.

“I have never heard or saw anything like this. This thing whatever it is not a mere soul. No soul can be so powerful and it can’t be in two places in one time.”

“For god sake, somebody tell me what happened.” Ravi was dying to know.

Baba Prachandnath told him everything and also told that they must leave the house for some days because he need time to know better about this soul or whatever it is.

“But where we can go immediately? I need some time to get a new home.” Ravi objected on the idea of leaving home.

Baba Prachandnath tried to explain the situation, “I am not saying to leave the house permanently. Moreover if you are dead then money or house has no value for you.”

“Except you are a ghost” Ravi commented dryly.

“It’s your choice son; I can’t understand what this thing is. A soul can’t do this. This is like a illusion and not a simple on; a powerful one. This is beyond the limit of a soul.

Baba was right, Ravi called his friend and asked him to book a hotel for him and his wife. The same day they left the house with two suitcases and went to a hotel.

Ravi tried to contact his neighbors to know about Aina and his family. He got to know that Aina was living there with her sister and mother. One day Aina went missing, her sister and mother left the home. But where they went nobody knew. Ravi guessed that Aina didn’t go missing she was dead that same time and because Aina’s body was found in the same house so it can be possible that Aina’s family was responsible for that.  One aunty told him that she saw Aina’s sister in the street near that home after this incident. It was her home so they didn’t object or notice much. So it was clear that Aina’s sister came to this home after Aina’s death. But what was her motive he was not clear and he was also not sure that they killed Aina, it may be possible that they knew about Aina’s death and they hide that fact only. But all matter was a serious mystery. He needed some more facts to decide a theory. In present all facts were confusing he was not able to reach on any point.

His work was also affected by this. He was not looking for his work properly and started searching for more details about Aina, his family and this haunted house.  But he was not getting anything better. Now he opened his briefcase and start reading her resume again. He got the college name, now there is one more area from where he can get any information. He got Aina’s gmail id. He searched and found her facebook account which was not deleted or deactivated yet. Perhaps nobody messaged facebook for Aina’s death. He found her friend list and started to send them messages to find anything about Aina. There was very less chance that anybody will reply but there was no other option and he needed to take every single chance.

In hotel, it was ok. Neither bad Aina nor good Aina was there to disturb them. Next day when Ravi was in office, Ritu decided to take bath because she was not worried about breakfast in hotel so she was getting ready late. She went to bathroom and opened the tap in bath tub. After that watery incident she was afraid of water a little but in hotel which is far away from that haunted house she was safe.

She brought her towel and checked the water it was perfect neither much hot nor much cold. She put the towel on shelf and opened laces of her gown. She turned to water and screamed. Aina was lying in the bath tub and enjoying the bath with her white face and blood dripping smile. Her red eyes were looking directly to her and her cruel smile was declaring that she was the bad Aina.

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    Very intersting nd horrable……good hai sir ji

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    The Haunted House (Part 12) | caprashant

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