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The Haunted House (Part 13)


The Haunted House (Part 13)

Ritu ran outside, Aina followed but she didn’t come outside the bathroom. Ritu took her cloths from almirah with trambling hands. She was not able to do anything. After some time when she got hold on her breath she called for room service. When a waiter came she told her to stay in room and call to her husband. Waiter called to manager, soon hotel staff came in her room. Ravi was called immediately. Ritu was not able to say anything she was only pointing to bathroom. A waiter went inside and found nothing. Manager was afraid to see her condition, after all it was the matter of his hotel reputation. When Ravi came and Ritu told the whole story everybody was shocked. Manager told him that it is first time when a customer saw a ghost in hotel. Ravi told him that it is ok, perhaps Ritu was confused with light or something like this. He didn’t tell them the real story because if they get to know perhaps manager would tell them to leave the hotel.

Ravi decided to go to Baba Prchandnath. He was their final hope. He was in hurry so didn’t see the girl who was coming out from side room. They collapsed and beg of the girl fall down. Ravi asked her sorry and tried to grab the beg from the floor. When he saw the girl, she was afraid and had confuse-strange-afraid expressions. Both were in hurry so nobody stopped to talk.

They immediately went to Baba Prchandnath Ashram. When he heard the whole story he was also afraid first time.

“Normally souls don’t leave the place of death. They can’t travel without a body so far away. If Aina’s dead body was found in that home and she belongs to that home then how she can travel to hotel? There is something which we are ignoring or we can’t see.”

Baba Prachandnath gave them two lockets for help. As there was no other option, both came to hotel. Ritu was afraid but the locket was giving her some assurance of safety. Ravi opened her laptop and opened Facebook. He was sure that there will not be any information regarding Aina, but as usually happens what we expect never happens. Same case happened here there was a message from an old friend of Aina. His name was Vikas. He studied with Aina and he was one of her close friends. Aina told him about Ravi that was why he responded to an unknown person. When Ravi asked him about her then he asked why he want to know. When Aina is dead why Ravi wants to know about her after so many years. Ravi told him the whole story and told him that he didn’t love Aina. Vikas also didn’t know about how Aina died. But he had some photos of old college friends. He told that he can provide him those pictures. Ravi didn’t know what he will do with old pictures but any smallest clue could help him this strange situation. So he asked Vikas for those pictures. Vikas told him that he don’t have those pictures on laptop, he had those in his album. Ravi asked him to scan the pictures which he refused. He said that he wanted to meet Ravi and he can give him album for some time. So Ravi agreed to meet him next day.

Ravi called to his office for leave. His boss was unhappy but as he was aware of his situation so he didn’t object much. That night was restless. Nothing dangerous thing happened but sometime Ravi felt that that locket is vibrating. He took it as locket is protecting them from that strange power. Ritu saw some lights in the room, twice she thought window curtain as flying Aina. But it happens when you are very much afraid then even rope can be seen as snake.

Next day in morning also everything was ok. When Ritu went to bathroom for a bath she removed the locket by mistake. As soon as she put the locket on stand a smoke begin to take outline of a girl. She immediately put on the locket and that smoke dissolved in the air. It could be her imagination also because water was hot and steam was coming out from it. But she was not ready to take any r-isk.

Ravi went to the place where Vikas and he were to meet. He went early but Vikas was already there. It was like both wanted to meet each other eagerly. Vikas ordered two coffees. They talked, obviously the main concern of talking was Aina. Vikas was Aina’s one of the best friend. He was close to her family also. He told Ravi that after Aina missing, her family left the home and went away. He didn’t know where. It was strange because her mother was really fond of him. He showed him old pictures. Ravi saw but no face was familiar. Aina was looking beautiful in those old pictures. Then a picture caught his eyes. It was Aina’s home photo of her birthday. Vikas was with her and the girl with whom he collapsed yesterday was also in that picture.

“Who is that girl?” Ravi asked immediately.

“This is Aina’s sister. Her name is Preeti.” Vikas told him

“What the hell! What Aina’s sister been doing in nearby room of his room?” Now Ravi got hint that Aina’s sister has some concern with these strange incidents.

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  1. bharadwaj says:

    Suspense continues sir!

    1. it will continue till end Mr. Bharadwaj

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