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The Haunted House (Part 14)


The Haunted House (Part 14)

Ravi told this to Baba Prachandnath, he was not so surprised like Ravi. Now Baba Prachandnath got hint what is happening but he didn’t tell Ravi anything. He just gave Ravi and Ritu other lockets and assured them that this time these will protect more. Ravi went to hotel manager and asked for the detail of that girl which stayed in nearby room which manager refused politely. It was their hotel policy not to disclose one clients detail to other and Ravi was not able to prove urgency for this as he was not telling them about ghost incidents. Manager was also right because every time a beautiful girl stays in room one person normally asks about that girl’s detail.

Ravi and Ritu still stayed in hotel. After putting that lockets there were no incidents. Next night Ravi heard some noise in hotel room. He woke up horrified. First he thought that again Aina came to haunt them. There was nobody or smoky figure in the room; But voices were there. He concentrated and found that those voices came from outside the room.

Ravi came outside and found there is nobody outside but voices were still there and they were lower than inside. It means somebody is in room but he checked the room. He came inside and checked again still nobody is there, voices were much clear than outside. He tried to know the direction from where these voices were coming but it seems these were coming from far away and appear in the middle of the room. He went one side than voices seem to come from other side there the same thing happened. He went outside there was very low voice but he started to put his ear on every door of the floor. He was feeling stupid and afraid if somebody ask what he was doing he got no answer. People will think that he is eye dropping in rooms but some power was telling him to do that. He got success in the front room he heard the same noises. But in the corridor voices were very low. It means these voices were teleporting from that room to his room.

He put his eye on keyhole. The room was filled with smoke. He saw a girl; due to smoke he was not able to see the face. She was doing some ritual. Fire was burning in front of her. A sweet and strange smell was coming from that room. Ravi thought to knock the door but that strange smell was so sweet he wanted to smell it some more time. He was flying in the sky, around him there was clouds. He was enjoying. Clouds were everywhere and he was floating between them. He touched one of them, it was so soft and comfortable. He caught one and used that as a bed sheet. It was the most comfortable bed he ever used. One soft and beautiful hand came and caught his hand. He looked above it was Ritu. What she was doing here? But it was not the question. They both started to dance in clouds. It was like a dream. Ravi kissed Ritu on lips and Ritu answered it with more passion. Soon both were on cloud bed. Ravi was happy these were best moments of his life which he was enjoying with full heart. But something sharp was pinching him. A sharp object was in cloud which was disturbing him. He reached for it with his hand, he caught the thing and found it was not part of cloud it was the locket which Baba Prachandnath gave him. It was lighting and pinching him hard. Ritu moved away with horror in her eyes.

“Ravi, what is this? It is not for protect us. It is for killing us. It is the reason that we are facing all the problems.”

“But Ritu, Baba gave this to help us.”

“Look I have also removed this. After that I didn’t face anything evil.”Ritu showed her arm and there was no locket.

“Ok, if you say so.” Ravi didn’t argue much and ritu is his wife why she would say lie to him.

When he took the locket in hand to remove it burst with light. Ravi put his hand on eyes to avoid the light and when he removed the hand he was lying in the corridor. It was morning. It took 5 seconds to remember what happened in night. He checked the room. It was empty now. Surely the person went away when he was unconscious. He came in his room, Ritu was slept peacefully. He fell on the bed with her but couldn’t sleep because it was 5:30 AM.

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