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The Haunted House (Part 15)


The Haunted House (Part 15)

He went to Baba Parchandnath in the morning and told him everything.

“Hmm, it makes sense. When you told me about Aina’s sister then I got hint that it is not soul which is torturing you, it is black magic. That’s why I changed the locket. Now it was for protecting you from dark magic. If this locket wasn’t with you last night you could have been died.”

“But what is happening Baba. I can’t understand. Tell me.”

“I can’t tell you exactly. But one thing is clear. Someone wants to harm you and your wife with dark magic. He or she is the real enemy. Aina’s soul is only medium, I think she is also pray not predator.”

“You mean to say, Aina’s sister is using Aina’s soul to hurt us.”

“I can’t say Aina’s sister is doing this or not. But as you saw her near your room then she can be involved.”

“What she wants from me? I didn’t do anything wrong with her.” Ravi was frustrated and furious also.

“Don’t worry, son. You just make sure that you and your wife don’t leave the locket behind. This must be with you all the time. Do you understand? ALL THE TIME.

“Ok Baba.” Saying this Ravi left Ashram.

He came to hotel and decided to go back to home. Last night incident proved that they are not safe anywhere, so why he was wasting money to pay hotel bills and moreover he wanted to go home.

Ritu objected first but when she heard Ravi’s experience and involvement of black magic in the case, she also become ready to go home.

Luggage was not much because they took only necessary items and cloths for some days only. So packing was really fast.

“Now, I would have to spend my whole time in kitchen again.” Ritu said in funny style. But this funny line was also not able to bring smile on Ravi’s face. They moved to home same day. Home was same lonely, dusty, old and haunted.

When Ravi opened the gate a cool breeze touched his face. This breeze smelled flowers. He said, “What a smel…..” He stopped in middle because Aina was standing in the middle of hall to welcome them.

God knows why but she smiled to see Ravi and Ritu, same beautiful and sad smile. Ravi and Ritu looked her horrified. Neither Aina took a single step to them nor she changed her face in an evil and ugly creature. It showed that she was good Aina. She smiled like she was happy they are home and vanished.

Ravi checked his own locket and Ritu’s also because they had locket still Aina came near to them. But she didn’t do anything perhaps it was due to locket or it was not her intention at all to harm them. Afterall he knew that one Aina is good and helping them.

That night Ravi was restless not due to horror, Aina’s beautiful sad face was coming in his eyes everytime. She was looking same like before. He didn’t know when he slept thinking about Aina.

“Good Morning Sir.” A simple but lightly harsh voice came to his ear. He saw up and found a beautiful girl was standing there. She was in jeans and top, a file in her hand and a beautiful smile on her lips.

“Yes?” Ravi asked

“Sir, I am new trainee here. My name is Aina. I am here to learn from you. I have heard this organization is really good and you are one of the best persons.” She told while coming in the cabin.

Ravi smiled, same lines which every new trainee speaks. These lines were taught in their institute to greet with some senior person and as a new person in corporate world they memorized these like life saving prayer. But this girl was some different. Her face was full of joy, confidence and ambition.

“Sir, your smile is really good.” Aina said smilingly.

“What? Oh yes..” Ravi blushed. This was the first time when someone said this to him. He was right there is really something different in this girl.

He was sitting in cafeteria. “Hi” a voice full of vibration of joy came in his ears without looking up his lips stretched in a smile. This voice he can identify from millions.

“Aina, how are you?” Ravi raised his head and without seeing asked.

“Fine and Shining.” Aina smiled.

It was routine, when he was in cafeteria for lunch Aina always came to his table. They mostly took lunch together, Not mostly always.

“So how is your day?” Aina always started her talk by this line.

“It is still in process.” This was the fix reply from Ravi.

Both smiled.

“Ravi, I want to tell you something.”

“Yes, tell me.”

“You came to my dream last night.” Aina told him. When she was telling this a strange emotion was in her eyes which Ravi never understood.

“Aina, you tells me this twice in a week from last 3 months. Some time thrice also.” Ravi smiled

“But its true. You are now coming more frequently.” Same strange smile in her lips

“Oh, Aina don’t make fun of me” Ravi said shyly

Dark clouds covered the sky and it was raining and lightening. It was dark outside. Ravi and Aina were alone in the office.

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  1. Simmi says:

    Very nice sir ji

  2. Simmi says:

    Nice sir….waiting 4 next part
    jaldi suspanse khtm kariye

    1. i will post soon
      thanks for reading

  3. catarannum says:

    very interesting…each part creates new suspense…

  4. Shalini says:

    again suspense 🙁 no not now much more , ab to the end karo aur jaldi se next part update karo , 🙂 🙂 🙂

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