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The Haunted House (Part 16)


The Haunted House (Part 16)

This was the day when Aina told Ravi all her feelings.

“Ravi, I Love You”

“What are you saying Aina? We are just good friends.” Ravi was surprised to listen these words. He didn’t think about Aina in this way.

“Yes Ravi, I love you and I can’t live without you. I want to marry you. I know that you also love me but don’t express your feelings.”

“No, Aina, you are taking it wrong. I never saw you like this. You are my good friend. I love someone else.”

“Who is that? Please say it is a lie” Aina start weeping. Tears were dripping from her beautiful eyes.

“Her name is Ritu and we are planning to marry soon.”

“How could you do this to me?” Aina was sobbing now.

“Forget me Aina” Ravi told wrong words.

“No, I can’t forget you and I will not let that witch marry you. You are mine, only mine.” Aina’s sadness becomes anger now.

Ravi woke up. He was sweating. Ritu was sleeping near him. It was a dream which reminded him all the past incidents with Aina.

He married Ritu after that and he loves her so much but still in the one corner of his heart Aina was still living.

He knew Aina was mad for him. She pushed Ritu from office. Ritu was standing and watching outside. Ravi was inside office. Aina came and pushed Ritu. Ritu fell down but by luck she got hold of window. She screamed and Ravi came running. He was stunned to see Ritu was hanging in mid air with window and Aina was standing there watching and waiting for Ritu to fall down. Ravi came forward to help Ritu, Aina didn’ t stop him. On her face expressions were hard like she was feeling guilty to do so. She ran downward. Ravi was trying to get hold Ritu. In the meanwhile a woman hand appeared in window and pulled Ritu. Someone got hold on Ritu. Now Ritu was safe. Ravi came downward to see and surprised to see it was Aina who saved Ritu. When Ritu saw Ravi she ran to him; hugged him and wept. Aina was also standing there with tears in her eyes. Other staff was surprised. They didn’t know what was going on. But when they understand someone called police. Police caught Aina for attempt to murder but Ravi and Ritu didn’t file complaint. They forgive Aina as she saved Ritu. After that Ravi searched a new job and left Nagpur. After that they didn’t hear about Aina.

He was keeping his head in arms. He looked up and found Aina was standing in front of him in white dress with a lovely sad smile on her lips. This time he didn’t get afraid. Now he and Ritu were able to differentiate between good and evil Aina. She was good Aina. He collected all his courage and stood up from bed. He came near to Aina, she didn’t move. Same sad smile was on her lips, her eyes were full of love.

“How are you” Ravi asked and immediately he was ashamed on his own question. She is dead and what he is asking.

“Why are you here?” It was his next question.

But Aina didn’t reply. Her smile becomes sadder. She tried to speak but Ravi didn’t hear any voice. Perhaps he can’t hear souls and Aina was not able to communicate with him. She pointed her finger towards Ritu.

“What do you want to say? Are you still want to hurt her?” this was the wrong question. Aina looked to him with so sad eyes like all the world’s pain has been comprises in them. She disappeared.

Ravi didn’t get any answer. He came to bed and falls asleep. In the morning, everything was normal. He didn’t tell Ritu about night incident. He didn’t know but he was missing Aina a lot. Perhaps he was feeling guilty. Aina loved him; she was not a bad girl. Yes, she pushed Ritu in rage but it was she who saved Ritu. She regretted on her act. She can’t hurt Ritu now. All the incidents when Aina came, she helped Ritu and him from evil Aina. It is not Baba Parchandnath’s lockets which are saving them it is his Aina who is protecting them. But who is that second Aina? She can’t be his Aina. She is a decoy.

He was feeling Aina’s presence. Now he was comfortable when Aina is near him. Now he believes Aina.

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  1. catarannum says:

    ishq k Bharam (illusion) pta ni …kitno ko le dubenge…

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