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The Haunted House (part 17)

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 17)

Ravi decided to take matter in his hands also. Baba Prachandnath was really helpful but he has his limitations. Now when Ravi knew that Aina’s sister is involved in this he hired a private detective Mr. Jack. Actually his name was Jai Kishan but for short and as modern he changed it as Jack. Mr. Jack asked for details but the only thing he got was Aina’s sis pics. He told Ravi that he will try but as there is no detail and he don’t believe in ghosts so he will not be much helpful.

Next day Ravi and Ritu went to court for murder case of Aina. Police view was different now. They knew about black magic now. In India, people easily believe in magic or supernatural powers and Baba Prachandnath has his reputation. Court doesn’t support or agree with black magic but police loosened the case. So there was no hearing that day. Ravi got next date after two months. After the new threads (which baba Prachandnath provided) there was no evil Aina incident. Sometime in night they heard some noises but no harm to them. Both were happy now.

That night was not easy, there was a storm outside the house. Actually it was only in one house compound. Ritu and Ravi were inside house and enjoying dinner when glass on window was broken due to wind. They left that window opened because weather was pleasant. But when they started dinner weather changed in seconds. Window door swung with full force resulting broken glass. Ravi and Ritu left the dinner and run to close all windows. Within one minute they closed all windows. That broken window was also closed but wind was coming from broken glass. This stopped the fast wind to come inside the home. They came to dinner table for rest dinner and frightened to see that all was covered with blood. Some bones were also scattered on the table. Ritu screamed; Ravi caught her in his embrace.

A loud giggling voice came from above and both screamed to see a flying white figure exact above their heads. Evil Aina was returned.

They ran to stairs to go to bedroom but Evil aina with dripping blood smile appeared in front of them. They turned to go outside but as soon as they ran only two steps another evil Aina appeared there. Ravi thought to run right, immediately one Aina appeared there. One after another 8 Aina appeared circled to them. They were helpless. Ritu checked her thread, it was there. She immediately checked Ravi’s arm. Thread provided by baba Prachandnath was there. Aina was laughing. They saw one Aina outside the circle of Evil Aina. She was same calm and beautiful. Surely she was good Aina. But this time she was worried. She was trying to come inside but she was helpless like an invisible wall was stopping her.

Neither Evil Aina nor Good Aina was able to come near to them. Good Aina was trying so hard, it was clear from her expressions. In same time Evil Aina was not coming near but she was not letting them go. They were afraid to go near Evil Aina and she was all over the place. At last Good Aina got success, she crossed that invisible wall. Evil Aina moved to her. She was surprised, one by one her all other 7 clones disappeared. Now there was good Aina and only one Bad Aina. Both looked each other and both disappeared.

Ravi and Ritu didn’t sleep that night. After the new threads they thought they are safe. But Evil Aina is getting powerful. In the morning they went to baba Prachandnath. He told them that evil powers are increasing their powers. In the mean while Ravi got call from Mr. Jack. He called him to come to outside city. He told that he found Aina’s sister. Immediately Ravi, Ritu and Baba Prchandnath started to reach the given address in Ravi’s car. In 20 long minutes they reached the place. It was a small house outside the city and near the village.

Mr. Jack met them there. He told that Aina’s sister is inside. They knocked the door, an old lady opened the door. She was Aina’s mom. They went inside while she was stopping them. Mr. Jack told her that they are from police and want to meet her daughter. She was really worried to listen. She still tried to stop them but they didn’t care. All efforts were vain because Aina’s daughter was not inside. It seemed that she run away while she got the chance.

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