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The Haunted House (Part 19)


The Haunted House (Part 19)

Ritu supported her, she was eager to know what happened after. Ravi was murderer dream came to her mind and she shivered. Now the time has come to know the reality. Why they are facing these problems and why Aina’s sister wants to kill them.

“Aina, my sweet daughter was courage of our family. She was the only one who supported us after her father’s death. Her father died six years back. She got job in his company. She was doing her study while studying. For MBA training, she got leave from her company as they were not affiliated by that university. She joined Ravi’s company. This was the time when she met Ravi again. They were in same college before but that time they were not close. Aina loved him that time also but didn’t get chance to express her love. Ravi was her senior. When Ravi completed his studies and left college then Aina accepted this as her destiny. After that her father death and family responsibility helped her to control her emotions. But when she again met Ravi she started to believe this is her destiny which brought Ravi back to her life. Ravi became her only aim to live. She was mad for him. Her behavior was changing, she was not ready to listen anything against him.” Aina’s mother started to sob again. Ritu saw the water glass it was empty. So she again went to kitchen for another glass of water.

Her phone rang, she picked, it was Ravi. “Where are you?” This was Ravi’s first question.

“What happened? Why are you tensed?” Ritu was surprised to listen such worry in his voice.

“I am trying your phone from more than half hour. It is unreachable. I tried at home landline, Meera picked the phone and told that you are not at home.”

“I came to an old friend home. I was getting bored so came to Kalyani’s home. You know her. She was my best friend and I always used her to keep in her on you in college.”

“Oh yes, how I can forget.” Now Ravi’s voice becomes normal.

“If there is any urgent matter, for which you called me?” Ritu was in hurry to listen rest of story so she came to the point early. She knew it will hurt Ravi but her curiosity was making her to do this.

“No, no, just want to talk to you. You enjoy with Kalyani. We will talk in evening about this.” Ravi cut the phone at once. This was the indication that he was hurt because he never cut the phone without saying bye. Whenever he is angry or hurt he cut the phone at once. Ritu decided to sort it out in evening but this time Aina’s mother story was more important for her and for Ravi also.

She came outside and gave water to Aina’s mother. She became normal.

“Who called you?” She asked

“It was my husband. He was asking where I am. So I told that I am her.” Ritu told a lie to ensure that if there is some wrong intention in Aina’s mother then she must know that Ravi know about her. But that was precaution only as she was feeling that Aina’s mother is innocent like Aina herself.

“What happened next? After Aina started to love Ravi again?” Ritu asked eagerly.

“After that we were also ready to accept Aina’s will as we didn’t find any problem in Ravi. But what we didn’t know that Ravi didn’t have any love feeling for Aina. He was in love with you. When Aina came to know this she became mad. She was always in anger. At home she was not eating food and always in irritating mood. I and her sister were afraid to talk to her. One day we found police at our home. They told us that Aina tried to kill you. We were shocked. My Aina….” She started to sob again. This was year’s pain which was coming out now.

Ritu tried to gave her water which she refused. After all there is a limit to drink water.

Soon she started again,” I couldn’t believe that my Aina could do this. But when Aina came home she confirmed. You didn’t fill a complaint so police released her. After that she left the job and study also. She bounded her in that house. She never left the home after that.”

“You are right. She didn’t leave that house after that. She is still there.” Ritu murmured.

“What? Aina is still there. My daughter is alive?” A cry came from Aina’s mom.

“Yes, but not physically. Her soul is still there.” Ritu told her.

Tears had covered her face fully but she kept telling the story,” her sister was also angry she was always fascinated with black magic. This made her even close to that.  She locked herself in her room while doing black stuff. I was afraid and lonely. My both daughters were not talking and both were in trouble. I was alone and didn’t know what to do. We were not in position to feed ourselves. There was no income. So I used our savings. Our condition was getting worse. One day Aina killed herself. She cut her veins in night. When I went to her home in morning it was opened. It was strange because after leaving her job she used to close her door. When I opened the door I found floor was full of her blood. I cried and her sister came. She checked her pulse. Aina died in night. I told her to call ambulance but she refused. She refused to call relatives also. I saw fire of revenge in her eyes. There was something which prevented me to argue to her. She was not my daughter anymore. Dark stuff had changed her in to something else.”


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  1. catarannum says:

    i THINk it is time to end the story…

  2. Manikanth says:

    Waiting for next part…

    1. It will come in few days.
      It is about to end now

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