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The Haunted House (Part 2)


The Haunted House (Part 2)

Ritu ran outside to Hall. It was almost dark in the hall, but how? Lights were on but their light was not sufficient to reduce the darkness like there is some kind of black fog in the hall. The scene of hall was horrible. Ritu was almost unconscious to see that. Meera was hanging with a rope in her neck to the ceiling, her legs were 6 feet above the ground. Her body was shivering. She was throwing hands and legs for help or get support of anything, but all in vain.  What happened to Meera. She was alright, how she was hanged herself as there was nobody to see who might have done this. But how she did it to herself? There was no ladder of any table so she can reach so high and most important Question Why she will do this to herself?  Meera was trying to catch the rope for support. But her hands were not touching the rope. She was waving her hands to Ritu for help.  No voice was coming from her throat.  Her eyes were full of horror and were looking to Ritu with PLEASE SAVE ME look. It seems like an invisible force is blocking her hands to catch rope. Ritu gave a scream. Ritu was terrified with this scene. She was not able to understand anything. But the most important thing was to save Meera.  She saw a stool nearby.  She put it down under Meera and stands up on stool for support to Meera. Ritu caught Meera by her feet meanwhile she was screaming for help.

The force which was hanging Meera doesn’t like that.  The stool on which Ritu was standing to support Meera was pushed by that force now Ritu was hanging to Meera’s legs.  It gave more pressure on Meera’s throat and with a snap her neck’s bone crack. Her tongue came outside her mouth and eyes were about to come out from sockets.

“No” Ritu cried.

Meera’s body was hanging motionlessly now. Ritu grabbed her cell phone.  She dialed Ravi’s number. It was very difficult to dial exact number with trembling hands. Ravi’s number was saved in phone but she clicked Rajesh’s no twice. But at last she dialed correct. The bell rang.

“HELLO” a very hard and dangerous voice came from the phone.



“WHAT” Ritu saw the phone in disbelief. How Ravi can say this? And this is not the voice of Ravi.

But something terrible was happening. The voice from phone was coming clearly but phone was not on loudspeaker.  It was seemed like phone itself was talking. “This is coming for you”

Ritu threw the phone as phone became very hot and started melting.

Phone felt on floor. It was melting. Slowly it became only liquid. And in one minute there was only a black mark on floor.

It was difficult for Ritu to take breathe. Her body became very heavy to move.

“Hello Ritu” She heard the voice from upside. She immediately saw above.

The ultimate horror got Ritu’s eyes, Ritu screamed as she saw Meera’s face. It was white and it was not Meera’s.  a ghostly face appeared on Meera’s face. It was not clear but clearly it was of a girl. But she was not able to see it clearly.  Meera’s dead lips opened and a growl came from it. The growl was so cold it freezes Ritu deep inside.

A deep and cold voice came from Meera’s mouth. It was like that it is coming from a well. “I have come for you”

A hand grabbed Ritu by shoulder. She screamed and fell down while seeing back.  It was Ravi. Ritu fell on floor. Ravi came to her and asked “Ritu, what happened?”

What is wrong with Ravi? How can Ravi ask so calmly? Can’t he see Meera’s dead body which is hanging on them? She tried to tell Ravi about Meera. But she was so frightened that no voice came from her throat. To the horror she saw Meera’s body flew to opposite direction. It stopped in the mid air and turned to them.  The ghostly face was still on Meera’s face. Now there is a grin on its face. It was not of happy or joy it was of death. Her eyes were pure white now and death was dancing in that eyes.

“Nobody can come between you and me” Meera told and came with her hands outstretched.  It was clear her target was Ravi.  Ritu tried to warn Ravi but her throat was choaked.  She tried to catch Ravi to move him.  But her full body was not working. Meera came near to Ravi. Her hands caught Ravi by throat.

“Leave us” at last Ritu’s voice came back.

Ravi cried “Ritu, what is happening.”

She saw Ravi with disbelief with wide eyes.  Can’t he feel Meera’s hand on his neck?  Why he is not looking at death which is standing behind him.

Ritu closed her eyes. She screamed out of all might of her lungs. Some strange and horrified voices came to her ears. Some senseless voices..

“Bring some water”


She didn’t know from where these voices were coming. Ravi’s eyes came out and his dead body was hanging in Meera’s hands. Meera throw that body side and came to Ritu.

Those deathly white hands touch Ritu’s face and melted. That force shaked her by too much power and that liquid was so much cold. She opened her eyes.

Ravi was shaking her and Meera was standing nearby him.  She screamed “leave us”

Whether this was power of her voice or something else Meera stand back from Ravi. She became frightened.  But now there is neither deathly grin on her face nor her face was white like ghost.  It seems normal.

“Ritu what happened to you. For god’s sake wake up” Ravi was still shaking her.

Ritu was on her bed, where she slept in day. It means she was dreaming. She saw the clock it was 5:40 p.m. Ravi came early from office to help her.

Ravi was frightened to see Ritu in this situation.  Ritu was screaming while in sleep.  Ravi shaked her many time but Ritu didn’t wake up.

Ritu was still frightened although she was conscious now.  The dream was not a simple dream.  Everything in dream was so alive so real that Ritu was unable to catch the difference between dream and reality. But this is the first time something like this happened with her.

“That was just a bad dream, don’t be worry about that” Ravi assured Ritu who was still worried about the mid-day incident.

“No, Ravi, that was not a dream.  It was real. The sensation of that horrible incident is still in my body. And the face which appeared on Meera’s face; I can’t forget that face in my life. It was not clear but it looks like I have known her.”

“Don’t remember that face and try to forget that dream.  Every time when you talked about that dream your face turned white and your voice trembled. It will be best you take a sleep; in morning you will forget about that.” Ravi placed a white pillow under Ritu’s head for support and took one for him.

“Good night, honey” Ritu tried to become normal.

“Sweet dreams” Ravi kissed her.

Nothing happened that night.

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  1. catarannum says:

    interesting story I must say….tussi vadhiya likhate ho….

  2. jyoti rani says:

    its really awesum i just felt this story …..heads off to u prashant good going keep it up

  3. Simmi says:

    Very nice nd horreble story prashant……

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