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The Haunted House (Part 20)


The Haunted House (Part 20)

“Preeti called her only friend. He was friend of both Aina and Preeti, only he was allowed to come at home. I can’t remember his name. He and she both dug the ground behind the home and buried Aina there. We didn’t have money and I didn’t want to leave in that home where my daughter was dead. We sold the home after that and came here. She didn’t change after that. She lost in dark stuff. From then I am alone at home. This home is out of city so nobody comes here. Moreover Preeti don’t want anyone to come at home. I am also afraid to face anybody. Sometime ago police came in search of her and she ran away.”

It was clear that Aina’s mother didn’t know the reality of those policemen which was Ravi and Mr. Jack with Baba Prachandnath as it was in a sudden perhaps that’s why she didn’t recognize Ravi. She thought that they were real policemen.

“Do you know where Preeti is now? Did she come home after that?” Ritu asked.

“No, after that incident she didn’t come home. After years I went to her room because she never allowed me to come inside. I was shocked to see the room. Blood was everywhere. It was like hell. I locked the room. I don’t have courage to go in room. Neither I can clean the room myself nor call anyone else to do the job. So the room is locked.”

Ritu had known that Ravi didn’t kill Aina and how Aina’s body came to their home’s background. Preeti was doing all this to them. She was sorry for Aina’s mother. She asked her whether she wanted to come to their home to live with them. Aina’s mother was surprised to listen this. Tears started to roll down from her eyes. She refused with heavy heart. Ritu’s this offer made it clear that they were not wrong. She and Ravi are good persons.  Ritu took permission to leave and came home.

In the meanwhile Ravi got call from Baba Prachandnath. He told him that blood moonless night is coming. On this day dark powers are on its peak. It is only four days ahead. So he advised them to come to his Ashram, they will be safe there as the Ashram is protected with many protective spells. Ravi heard that and assured him that he will do the same.

When Ravi came home, Ritu told him the full story. First Ravi was angry because Ritu told him a lie and there could be danger in Aina’s home. But after that, emotions took him, he was sorry for Aina. When he heard that Aina took her own life, his throat choked with grief. Now he knew the reason why Aina’s sister is doing this. She believed that he was the reason for her sister’s suicide. Now his hate for her changed into sympathy.

Two days passed without any problem. On third day Ravi and Ritu shifted to Baba Prachandnath’s Ashram. Now they were safe from Dark magic. There was any news of Aina’s sister. Mr. Jack was also working but he didn’t get any clue yet. One of his men was keeping an eye on her home but she didn’t return. On day of blood moonless night Ravi got call from Vikas he told him that he saw Preeti. She was near cemetery outside city. He was coming from other city and he saw her going inside. He tried to meet her but she was like lost in air. But he is waiting outside the cemetery, he can come and they both can search her there. Ravi immediately called to Mr. Jack he immediately came to Ashram. Baba Prachandnath, Ravi and Jack prepared to go there. For safety Baba Prchandnath took his things to fight with black magic. Mr. Jack took gun but they all knew that it was useless against dark magic but it was the best weapon he could use. Ritu also came with them. All three of them objected on this idea but now Ritu was emotionally attached with Aina’s sister. She started to weep and a woman’s tears are the best weapon which no man can fight. All four of them went to cemetery, Vikas’s bike was there but Vikas was not there.  Perhaps he went inside in search of Preeti. So they all went inside. It was evening now. Cemetery was full of darkness. Baba Prchandnath again advised Ritu to stay back. But now this time Ritu was not secure alone on a lonely road. So there was no option except take her with them.

There was light in a far corner they went there. a fire between strange signs on ground. Mr. Jack took her gun in his hand. There was no one. Dark magic stuff was scattered everywhere Skull, bones, ash, nails and carcasses of animals. Baba Prchandnath stopped them with his hand sign. He took his trident in his hand and carefully entered in that place.

When he came in middle, a hand with club appeared behind Mr. Jack. A mighty strike on head sent him in world of unconsciousness. Ritu screamed, Ravi caught her and pulled her away from that strange hand which was of a hooded person. Now they both entered on that ritual place.

Baba Prchandnath moved back to see what happened. A bat came from nowhere and stuck him on his face. This unexpected attack compelled him to drop his trident. He tried to remove that bat from his face but it was not leaving his face like it was glued to his face. But after a great struggle he succeeded to remove it. When he looked in search of his trident then it was not there. He saw it in hand of a girl. No doubt she was Preeti.

Baba Prchandnath tried to reach her but his feet was glued to the ground. An invisible force was not allowing him to move. He looked for Ravi and Ritu. They both were also in same position stuck to one place unable to move. Preeti laughing came near to them. Baba Prchandnath’s lips moved and moved in some silent enchantment. He looked to the ground near his feet which was keeping him block. But nothing happened.

“There is no way, you can break these bounds. I have enchanted this place and now your power can’t do anything here. You will die here with them.”

“Preeti, you are doing mistake. We are not the reason for yours sister.” Ravi shouted.

“Shut up” Preeti shouted and made a gesture with his hand and enchanted.

Ravi tried to speak again but no voice came from his throat. Ritu also tried to speak but her voice was also silent.

“You will pay for my sister death. She died due to you. I have waited this for a long time.” Preeti said.

“Yes, I will give you so horrible and painful death that your soul will be frightened to leave this place.” The hooded person came in view. He bowed to ground near Mr. Jack and took his gun in his hand.

“Who are you?” Baba Prchandnath shouted. This was the same question Ravi and Ritu also wanted to ask but their voice was not supporting them.

The hooded person removed his hood and Ravi’s mouth opened in shock. He tried to shout the name but he was not able to speak.

“I know Ravi you wants to speak something.” The unknown person speaks something. Now Ravi was able to speak. When he got his voice back he shouted the name of that unknown person.

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