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The Haunted House (Part 21 final part)

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 21 final part)

“Vikas!!!!! What are you doing? Why are you helping her?” Ravi screamed.

“Ha Ha Ha” Vikas laugh was so cold that it freeze blood of Ravi.

“I am not helping her. Truth is she is helping me.”

“What? What are you saying? What we have done to you.” Ravi was surprised to hear this. He was thinking that Preeti was doing all this, now truth came that she was only helping.

“You are the person who killed my Aina.” Vikas shouted.

“Your Aina!!!!! What is this mean?” another surprised strike Ravi in mind.

“yes, My Aina.  I loved her. I loved her from my heart. But she loved you. It was you who killed her. You rejected her love. My poor love, couldn’t bear this and took her life. It was your fault. I can’t forgive you for this.”

“But how you learned this black stuff? Did Preeti taught you all this?” this time Baba Prchandnath asked.

“No no no no. Preeti didn’t teach me. It was I who taught her all this. When Ravi left college, I tried to come near Aina. I started to come close to her family. Soon I and Preeti become good friends. Aina never approved my love. But she didn’t object my friendship with Preeti. My father was a great Tantrik. I learned all this from him. Preeti was interested so I taught her one or two tricks but that was not harmful or dangerous. So she was on my side for learning more. Aina was forgetting you but again she came near you when she was doing MBA. It was my bad luck. She lost control herself in love. When you refused she took her own life. Preeti was angry also. She wanted revenge so I taught her really dark stuff.”

“You spoiled a innocent girl for your madness” Baba Prchandnath said angrily.

“She is not a child, she also wanted to take revenge for her sister death.”

“Then why she is not speaking anything. Why she is behaving like a zombie. “Baba Prcahndnath said while observing Preeti’s expressions.

“She is lost in internal Sadhna. She also wants to kill both Ravi and Ritu and now you interfered so you will also die.”

“You are using her. She is in your control. She knew exactly that Ravi is not the cause of her sister death. She was near you so you used black magic to control her.”

“Yes, I did that. But that was for Aina. Ravi was the cause. He must die today and it will happened by hand of Aina’s sister.”

“Preeti, what are you waiting for? Your sister’s murderers are in front of you. Go and kill all of them.” VIkas handed over the Trident of Baba Prchandnath to Preeti. Preeti took the trident and started to move towards Ravi.

Baba Prcahndnath tried to fre himself but invisible bounds were very strong. He saw the Mr. Jack was not there where he was lying unconscious.

“Why did you waited for four years? Why didn’t you kill them before? Why now?.” Baba Prchandnath asked his doubt.

“I tried, but I am not powerful to send my black spells in another city. I tried to find them but I didn’t get their address. When I found that they came back then I send a request to broker for letting out this property to Ravi on cheap rates. A small work of hypnotism made the owner to do this. With help of Preeti I started my black magic on Ritu first. It was working and I was getting success. first I tried to send Ravi to jail in Aina’s murder. So I show false dreams to Ritu and it was also successful but suddenly something happened after. Ritu got hint I don’t know how and my magic started to lose power.”

“Because that time Aina’s body was discovered and her soul was free from her coffin. She helped Ritu to get truth and she was the reason your magic was getting weaker. She doesn’t want to harm Ravi and Ritu. She is in favor of both. You are doing wrong. If you will hurt Ravi,  Aina will not forgive you.” Baba Prchandnath tried to convince that mad man.

“You are lying. These false things will not affect my decision.”

Baba Prcahndnath got glimpse of Mr. Jack. He was trying to get close to Preeti who is holding Trident in her hands close to Ravi’s throat.

“Why did you help us to find Preeti? It was easy to attack us while we don’t know who is doing this.” Ravi asked his doubt.

“When my magic was failed then I thought to bring you near me. Moreover if you were searching perhaps you got me before so I decided to misguide you. You yourself gave me this chance. You messaged me on FB. It was my luck. I responded and told you about Preeti. I was right you were now chasing Preeti . when My attack in hotel room was failed. I was more alert and trying to get more power. Blood moonless night came and this day dark magic is on its peak. But you were in Baba Prcahndnath’s Ashram; there my dark magic can’t work. So I called you to come here and you all fool came in my hands.”

Mr. Jack jumped on Preeti. Vikas was surprised. Preeti dropped the trident. Her moves were slow like she was in a dream. Mr. Jack’s right hand caught her near neck and she felt unconscious. Vikas had Mr. Jack’s gun. He tried to shoot Mr. Jack but gun was locked. It was clear he was not good with firearms. Mr. Jack jumped on him but stopped in mid air. Vikas’s enchantment didn’t allow him to come near. Vikas throw him about eight feet far without moving a finger. Mr. Jack again went to world of unconsciousness.

Vikas was angry he threw the gun one side. Preeti was not moving. He took the trident in his hand and decided to kill them himself.

“I will kill you all. You can’t destroy me.” Saying this he moved forward and gave his first strike on Ravi.

Ravi shouted for help but there was no living person who could help him.

But a dead person was able to help him, the person who loved him with her life. Aina appeared between Ravi and Trident.

Vikas was shocked he stopped. “Aina, you.. you are alive. No you can’t be. It is your soul. But why are you helping him? He killed you.”

Aina’s expressions were full of anger. She stared at Vikas.

“You are not Aina. You are a slave soul of this Baba Prcahandnath. I know this. You can’t stop me.” Vikas raise Trident again.

A gunshot noise came behind Vikas. Vikas’s stopped, blood started to run from his chest. He saw back, Preeti was standing with Mr. Jack’s gun in her hand.

Her full body was shaking like she awoke from a long sleep. As soon as Vikas fall down, all enchantments were broken. Now all could move. Ravi and Ritu were staring at Aina. Aina was looking at Preeti. Tears were running down from Preeti’s eyes. She was looking to Aina with so many emotions.

Aina disappeared. Baba Prchandnath brought Mr. Jack in conscious. All things were clear. Ravi and Ritu gave support to Preeti. They all came home. Mr. Jack stayed back to deal with police. He told that Preeti did this for save all so she will be cleared. First they went to Preeti’s home. Preeti’s mom was worried to see all but when she heard the full story. She embraced Preeti. Ravi and Ritu requested them to come to their own home. it was big enough for all of them. they rejected then Baba Prachandnath told that it will help Aina to move ahead. She is held back to earth due to this. So they accepted.

As promised Mr. Jack cleared all police formalities. Police showed that act as self defense. Baba Prcahndnath did a Havan in home. Aina’s soul appeared last time. This time she was happy.


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  1. bharadwaj says:

    Excellent ending sir. Felt like I have seen a movie, it will not be an over-praise to say that you have done an innovative job of producing 21 serial fictional episodes. All the best sir! Move on!

    1. Thanks Mr. Bharadwaj
      I was waiting for your comments since long

  2. catarannum says:

    very nice…keep writing…

  3. manikanth says:

    Great ending sir…your writing skills are awesome sir… Thanks for sharing this…. keep go on sir…

  4. Simmi says:

    Awesome story with great ending….keep writing nd all the best

    1. Thanks simmi
      Your words always inspire me

  5. jyoti gupta says:

    nice ending great job prashant…….

    1. Thanks jyoti
      Your words means a lot to me

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