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The Haunted House (Part 3)


The Haunted House (Part 3)

In the morning Ritu was about normal. She was in hurry for Ravi’s breakfast and morning works.  She was in kitchen making sandwiches for Ravi.

Door bell rang.

“I will see, you take care of breakfast” Ravi went to open the door.  It was Meera.

“Ritu, Meera has come.  Come Meera, you will be a great help to Ritu.  We woke up late today.”

“How is Ritu?” Meera asked. She was also worried about yesterday incident.

“She is Ok now, please don’t ask her about that.  She is now forgetting that dream” Ravi requested her.

“Rest assured, I will not talk about that” Meera assured him.

Meera went to kitchen now both ladies immediately cleared all the kitchen work.  Ravi went to office. Now there was again same work ‘Arrange the home’.

Then two ladies again start working.  Again Ritu opened more boxes and Meera and she arranged them.  Ritu went to bedroom for putting some cloths.

“Meera, why are you using yellow pillow with white bed sheet?  We got white bed sheet with pillow. Why didn’t you use them?” Ritu asked Meera while coming out of room.

“What? I didn’t change the pillow cover, they were white.” Mera told her.

“But the pillow which are you using are yellow.”

“How can it be possible, show me” Meera picked a pile of cloth and went in to the bedroom with Ritu. She was also holding another pile of cloths. But Pillow covers were Yellow.

“Did you change the cover?” Meera asked.

“No way, I didn’t change the pillow cover. May be you didn’t use white.”

“No, I am sure I used white cover for pillow, which were matching with the bed sheet.” Meera confirmed her.

“I think you used this yellow color. Perhaps due to insufficient light in bedroom you didn’t notice the difference. More over in a semi dark room it is difficult to tell difference between yellow and white. And we have same design yellow and white set” Ritu showed her knowledge.

“May be you are right.  May be I used yellow pillow. Anyway can we postpone the work till tomorrow? I need to go home early today, and mostly urgent work has been done only some decorations are remaining.  So we can do that tomorrow.” Meera asked Ritu

“Ok, we will do rest work tomorrow.” Ritu gave her some sweets which Ravi brought yesterday; which she was not able to give her due to that horror.

After closing the door she came to bedroom.  Her body wanted some rest but she was afraid to sleep. So she decided to arrange cupboard which was full of cloths without any proper arrangement.  First of all she arranged Ravi’s cloths.  Light pink shirt which was her favorite, she brought that from mall.  Ravi didn’t like that much. But she liked that so much that she purchased that immediately.  Really Ravi looks very handsome in that. After Ravi’s cloths she arranged her. Then came other cloths.  While arranging them she found yellow color set of bed sheet. Pillow cover was with that.  But if they are here, how pillow on bed has same color? They didn’t have two set of yellow.

She immediately saw the bed. But what is this? Pillow cover is white.  It can’t be possible. Half hour before she and Meera both saw these were yellow.  But who changed them now.  She was alone in the house.  But who is doing this? There is some terrible wrong with this house. From the first day some force is stopping her. First that pot came over on her, then that dream now this pillow cover. This can’t be coincidence.

Ravi laughed a lot when Ritu told him her calculation about haunting of the house.  Like any normal man he told Ritu that this is only her imagination.  “Pot was not properly hanged that is why it broke; and that was a dream you also know that. Now for Pillow cover you yourself told Meera that light is not sufficient in bedroom so whether it is not possible that you misjudge the color of pillow?”

“No Ravi, Pillow was yellow. Meera also saw that”

“Leave it Ritu, you are only spoiling the mood. Enjoy your new home.  It is not like your old small home in which you always said there is no space to put the thing on right place. In this house you can arrange all items according to your satisfaction. AND the biggest thing is that you will not be disturbed by traffic noise (last home of Ravi & Ritu in Kanpur was on main road. So there was heavy traffic all the time.).

“Here, noise doesn’t disturb me; it is silence of this place which make me sick.  If something happened to me there will be no help.”

“Don’t be silly. Nothing is going to happen to you. You are taking so seriously these events which are merely nothing at all.” Ravi’s face was telling he was worried about Ritu very much.  Ritu knew Ravi love her very much. Their marriage was love marriage and against Ritu’s parents will. They didn’t get support from them but Ravi didn’t lose his love. With her support and love Ravi establish him as a good professional and proved himself as a good husband.  She didn’t get any situation in which she felt that Ravi don’t love her anymore.

“Ok, I will not wander in my day dreams anymore. Let’s sleep otherwise it will be very late.”

Ravi saw watch which was showing it is 1:00 of morning. “My god, it is really very late. Didn’t notice the time and there is a very important meeting tomorrow.”

“You mean today, it is already 3rd September”

“Yes, today. Now sleep otherwise I will not be able to go to office.”

“Ok, I am going to washroom, you take rest” Ritu told and went to washroom.

Ravi was tired and immediately slept. But, immediately woke up by scream of Ritu. It was coming from washroom.

“Ritu, what’s happen?” Ravi ran to washroom.

Washroom door was not locked, he pushed the door and went inside. He looked for Ritu. She was sitting in the cornor with her face in her knees. Ritu was shivering with fear. He touched her and Ritu gave another horror scream. Ravi assured her. Her face was white as ghost. Her eyes were full of fear. Ravi supported her to stand up, but it was like her legs are not supporting. He almost carried her to bedroom. He put her on bed. Her eyes were still open. She was not moving and looking in one direction. Ravi took water from side table and splash some on Ritu’s horrified face.

“Ritu, wake up, what’s happen?” Ravi’s voice was also full of fear. He was afraid by Ritu’s situation. This time he can’t ask anyone for help. First time he was sorry for his decision of taking home so far away from city.

Ritu close her eyes for some seconds and gasp for air. When she came to her senses, Ravi asked why she was terrified.

“Ravi, when I went to washroom, everything was normal. I started to comb my hairs. I felt like light of bulb of washroom become low. Darkness was filling the area. Then I don’t know how my face turned in someone else face. I don’t recognize her. But it seemed familiar. It was the same face which I saw in my dream yesterday on Meera’s face. I am not sure because both time it was not so clear. But there is one similarity, it looks familiar. I spoke, but that voice was not mine. It told me that she has come for me. Then I don’t know what happened to me”

Ravi was also afraid; this state of Ritu shakes him from inside. But he was needed to calm down. He told Ritu ”I think you are tired and that dream didn’t leave you yet. That’s why you are seeing that face. You need some rest. Come sleep.”

I thing was right Ritu was tired. Yesterday she didn’t sleep well also and today’s full day work made her sleep at once.



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  1. catarannum says:

    I ll not read story while I am alone in my office….dar lagta hai yrrr….dara mat….

    1. CA Prashant Gupta says:

      i will try to maintain this horror in my story
      thanks for your appreciation

  2. jyoti rani says:


    1. CA Prashant Gupta says:

      thanks jyoti
      your words always inspire me to write more

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