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The Haunted House (Part 4)



The Haunted House (Part 4)

Morning was busy as usual. Today Meera again come early.  She was a great help but till when?  She had already told that she will not be able to come to work because this home is so far away from her home.  It was last 5 years relation with Sharvan for which she was coming to help them.  Ravi didn’t want to put full pressure of home on Ritu.  He always told Ritu to live life and he uses same rule on his life.

“Ravi, don’t forget to call that employment agency for a new maid.” Ritu remind her.

“Don’t worry, I will remember but please call me in lunch to remind me, in case I forget.”

After Ravi has gone to office, Ritu started house work.

When Ritu told Meera about bed sheet which was changed to white again then Meera gave how it is possible look. Her face turned white and she told Ritu about a tantrik who was living in her area. She told that that tantrik is very famous for any supernatural problem.  People come from far cities for solving their problems.

Ritu denied that, not because she doesn’t believe on ghost or tanktrik but because she was afraid that Ravi will be angry.  She knew that Ravi will not like this idea. Moreover Ravi was busy in his work these days with this home shifting and she didn’t want to make Ravi disturbed.

She asked Meera that they are thinking to hire a new maid because she is getting problem. Meera told her that there is no need she will manage. So Ritu called Ravi and tell her not to ask employment agency for new maid, which was a good thing, because Ravi has been forgotten to call in busy schedules. But he managed to talk to her for five minutes. That was a big thing because Ritu knew about his important meeting and that is why, she loves him so much, because he always gets time for her and home.

The day was as normal as it could be.  There was no bad dream, no falling pot or no color changing pillow. So she and Meera got plenty of time to arrange home and today they fully arranged the home properly.

Ravi came from office happy.  His meeting in office was great. In evening He and Ritu went to a ‘Sun N Sand’ Hotel for dinner. Ritu was in light blue saree (an Indian dress), which was her and Ravi’s favorite and really she was looking gorgeous in that. Ritu is slim and she really cares about her figure. So every dress suits her, but in saree she can really kills a man only by a look. Today she was in her full glamour, as this is first time they are going for outing after return to Nagpur. She was wearing a white pearl necklace. She left her waist size hair open, she was a bit uncomfortable in that, but Ravi loved that, so she did that. Her saree was also decorated with designs and on border glass beads were used. She was looking like a new bride.

The hotel was very good so also full of people.  Some were waiting for a table outside dining hall. Many faces turned to them when they reach there. Some faces were really showing their interest for Ritu. Ravi saw that and enjoyed. It is a man’s mentality when he has a beautiful girl like Ritu he always enjoyed a pride when other looks to his wife and the same thing goes for woman also, a woman also enjoy when someone looks to her with a praise in his eyes. Ravi got reservation for them.  So there was no problem in getting seats.  Ravi ordered for beer for him and orange juice for Ritu.  Ritu didn’t like drinking but she never stops Ravi unless his conscious were not affected.  After the drink they ordered dinner.  Ravi ordered all the favorite items of Ritu.  Ritu was very happy she almost forgot about home and the strange incidents which were held in these three days to her.

Ravi was talking about his business and after sometime when he felt that Ritu has very little interest in his office work, he started talking about people. “Look that man in white shirt and grey trouser, see his eating style.  The woman set on last table is looking every table dishes like she is judging with this, what to order, but from 20 minutes she didn’t get any clue for her preferable dish”. Ritu was laughing on comments of Ravi.

“See that man outside, near the red car; he is waiting of someone from last half hour. Perhaps her girlfriend dumped him and he didn’t ask her clearly when he asked her to go on date with him.” Ritu turned her face to that waiting man.  But she saw a glimpse of a face in window glass.  The face was very light.  But it was the face she can’t forget for her life.  This was the face which she saw on Meera’s face in her dream and on her own face in washroom yesterday. She trembled by presence of that face in a restaurant far away from their home. Her hands loose the nerves and the glass of juice fell off from her hand to floor.

“karrrraccchh” a loud noise came when the glass hit the floor. Everybody turns to them. The waiter came and without any complained wipe the floor and pick every single piece of glass. Immediately her returned with a new glass of juice. That was really a good service.

“What happened, Ritu?” Ravi asked when he saw her face changing from smile to fear.

“Ravi, see that face”

“Where? What face?” Ravi was puzzled.

“That face?” Ritu pointed her finger to the glass.  But there was no trace of any face.  Even that waiting man gave up and went away in his red car.

“The face was there in the glass. But now it has gone. That was the same face which I saw in my dream” Ritu explained Ravi about her horror.

“There is no face in the glass.  You only are imaging things now.  You are still afraid from that stupid dream. Perhaps the light of going vehicles made a light effect and you imagination gave that a face.” Ravi was not ready to accept that Ritu actually saw the face. Even Ritu was uncertain about that because she saw the face for a second only and next second it was gone.  Ravi must be right the light effect of cars on road made that face for her.

Dinner after that was not as good as before this incident. Ravi tried to cheer up Ritu, some jokes were really good and they helped Ritu to smile again. After dinner they came back home in car. On the way Ravi was still joking and Ritu was laughing. So it was a good and pleasant evening. But Ritu’s life was not so easy these days, not a single day was going normal for her. There was something dreadful was about to happen.

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  1. Simmi says:

    Very very intersting part of the whole story……ritu ki saree to bahot ache se explain ki….really prashant aap kisi ko bina dekhe use itna acha describe kar sakte ho…..awesome hai dear..u r really a good writer and a very nice person

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