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The Haunted House (Part 5)

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 5)

Ritu was happy, she forgot about the face in hotel.

“Ritu, where is the tissues, I put them on dashboard” Ravi asked Ritu while searching.

“Oh, I put that on back seat, because I don’t like anything on dashboard. Wait, here it is.” She moved to back seat for that tissue box.

But there was something, not something there was someone. Someone in white cloths. A white face, which was so dreadful that you can give it a new name pure horror. When Ritu moved to see backseat, she was face to face now to that ghostly figure. There was only 6 inches distance between both faces. That face’s eyes were looking directly in Ritu’s eyes. Those white eyes were directly looking at Ritu. She was stunned to see her. Time was stopped. Both were looking each other.

“Ritu, have you got it” Ravi asked

“Ahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Ritu gave a loud scream. The scream was so loud and frightened that Ravi lost his balance. Car swung towards to rode side. Ravi applied the brakes but in speed suddenly brakes did the worst. Car slipped out of road. Fortunately, in side there were fields and car didn’t rolled. Both got hurt but not much.

Ravi took control on him and checked Ritu. She was unconscious. Ravi immediately came out from car and came to other side to release Ritu from car. He unbuckled the seat belt and pulled Ritu out. She was still unconscious. A car stopped. A person in white shirt and black trouser came. He came to them and after seeing he helped Ravi to bring Ritu to his car. Actually he saw Ravi’s car slipped. So he stopped to help. He and his wife were also coming from same hotel.

Ravi called to 100 for police to tell the incident and in the car of that helpful gentleman he brought Ritu to hospital. Doctor checked Ritu and confirmed that she is ok. She was unconscious only from the shock and she will be conscious in some minutes only. Ravi thanked to that stranger who helped them at that time. Very few people do this, as in India, police normally doubt on that person who helped someone in need.

Ritu came to conscious soon. She told Ravi about the incident. Now, Ravi was also horrified because Ritu’s situation was getting worst. He was thinking that it is her imagination only, but this time Ritu really freak him out. Ritu never did this before; there must be something which is bothering her. Doctor gave him some medicines for Ritu and allowed her to go home.

Ravi called for a cab and came to home. After sometime he got a call from police about his car. They called him to come to police station next morning.

Ritu took the medicine. Perhaps one was for sleep, soon she slept. But Ravi was sleepless. He was really worried about what Ritu told her. There is really something horrible thing about this home. But what he can do. Why he can’t feel anything?

“Show me yourself, if you are there and you want to tell something, please show yourself.” Ravi shouted to that invisible force.

But nothing happened. Nobody came to tell him that he or she is there.

Ravi tried to sleep but it was useless. But after long time he slept. In morning he woke up by Ritu’s scream.

He immediately woke up. To his horror, Ritu was not on her bed. She was hanging in mid air. She was shouting. Ravi jumped from the bed to one side. He was so horrified that he didn’t dare to come to her. Ritu was in mid air. She was throwing her arms and legs, but all in vain. A white color woman was there. Ritu was in her hands. But Ritu’s hands were moving from her like she was made of air.

First time Ravi was seeing that lady. By seeing her face he can tell why Ritu always get frightened by looking her face. Her color was white but there was blood in her mouth and in her eyes. Not only her eyes were red, blood was dropping from them. The blood from her mouth was wet it was like that is newly emerged from a body. Her hairs were also white but they were flying in air in all directions. There was no air in room but her hairs were flying like wild air is flowing in the room. That was really a horrible scene to freeze anyone’s blood in vains.

A cruel grin was on her lips. When she opened her mouth, a growl came. It was like the whole room is growling with her. The voice was coming from every direction. Light was fluctuating.

“I will take her with me.”

“No, please leave her, what she has done wrong to you?” Ravi begged to her.

But she was not listening. Her grin became wide. More blood was dripping from her mouth now. She opened her mouth and two big teeth like snake came out. She put her mouth on the neck of Ritu. Ritu cried. Her body movements were becoming slow every time, like she was losing hope and strength to fight with her death. There was very little time with Ritu. It was the decision which was necessary to be taken right now; otherwise he will lose Ritu forever. The ghost woman started to rose in the air. She was still holding Ritu. It was clear she was taking Ritu with her.

Ravi tried to stop her. He jumped on her to stop but with a wave of hand of that ghost, he flied to one side of room and hit the wall hard. After hitting wall he dropped down on the side table of bed. Water glass on table shattered and the one piece of glass ripped his hand. There was blood all over his hand. The ghost woman disappears in air with Ritu. Ravi cried to stop her and woke up.

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  1. bharadwaj says:

    Good narration sir !

  2. CA Prashant Gupta says:

    thanks Mr. Bharadwaj

  3. catarannum says:

    aha….mr writer…….keep writing……….

    1. thanks tarannum
      I am trying my bes

  4. Simmi says:

    Very nice…….sir ji

  5. Shalini says:

    Really Superb Story , in fact all stories are too good , keep it up ……………….. All the Best 🙂 🙂 🙂

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