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The Haunted House (Part 6)

ImageThe Haunted House (Part 6)


Ritu was still sleeping. So it was a dream. But a non-forgettable dream.  Now Ravi could feel how Ritu’s situation was when she saw such type of dream. But one thing was clear, this incidents with Ritu were affecting Ravi’s mind also. Because that is the only reason, he saw such dreadful dream. He must do something now. But what he can do?

Next day, morning was usual. Ritu was still in shock by yesterday night incident. Ravi was also restless due to that dream. But he didn’t tell Ritu about his dream.

In office, Ravi discussed this with his senior Mr. Gupta. He was very religious. He suggested organizing a Pooja in his home. He also gave him phone number of that Pandit ji. Ravi was agreed, he was not superstitious but he didn’t want these incidents to happen again. So he called to Pandit ji. Next day, morning time was decided to make this Pooja. Pandit ji gave him detail and requirements for Pooja. Ravi called Ritu about this. He went to market in lunch time to purchase all things, as no departmental store was delivering goods so far from town.

At evening, Ravi came home. Ritu and Meera were there. They have removed furniture from front hall as this was to be used for Pooja next day. Ravi handed over the Pooja material to Ritu. Meera was asked to live there in night because she was required in morning for preparation of pooja. But she declined as she had children in her home and his husband was a drunker so she couldn’t believe on him to take care of her children.

Ritu wanted to argue but Ravi stopped her. He understood the situation of Meera, like he is caring his family she also needs to look after her family. Ritu argued after that.

“We could give her more money for that. 500 Rs. were ok.”

“But Ritu, she had two children, try to understand her situation and don’t forget, she is coming from a long distance only for us. You should be thankful to her. Don’t make pressure on her, extra pressure breaks the bound of love and then it is impossible to reconnect that bound.” Ravi tried to make her understand.

“Ok, but now, I have to do all the arrangements tomorrow morning.”

“Don’t worry, you are not alone, I am with you. We both will wake up early and do all the things.” Ravi assured her.

“Ok, we don’t have other options. Let’s sleep early. Today was the only day in this house when nothing goes wrong.” Ritu went to washroom to change.

Ravi was worried because he didn’t forget the washroom incident.

“Ritu, don’t close the door.” He told Ritu

“Naughty boy, what do you want to do with open door? I can’t take risk of letting the door open while you are here.” Ritu’s eyes were full of love and flirtness.”

“Just in case, …ah… If I want to come and see (actually Ravi wanted to say that he want to confirm that she is ok, but he didn’t want to give her his worries, so he changed the line.)”

“No way, I will not give you a chance” Ritu said but she let the door open.

After sometime, door opened and Ritu came healthy and happy. After a long time her day was good. There was so much love and affection in her eyes. They needed to wake up early next morning but a little love making is not a problem. Ravi caught her in his embrace and kissed her lips softly. Ritu responded. Her eyes were red with sleep and seduction. Soon they were lost in each other.

At night, Ritu heard a noise on her side. She looked there a man was digging the ground. But how she came there without her knowledge? She was sleeping on bed with Ravi and where is Ravi? She tried to go to the house, but it is not like the same. It was the same house, but there was some difference. First of all, there is no garden like this in his house, in which she was standing right now. Secondly, the lamps on the gate were not the same.

Now she concentrated on the person who was digging. She tried to ask him, but due to fear or by some force stopping her, she couldn’t do that. The man didn’t pay attention to her, it was like he was not aware of her presence or he can’t see her. There was a thing wrapped in white cloth near him. Off course, he wanted to put that thing in the hole. But what was that thing? After half hour, when the man was satisfied that the hole is big enough to hide that thing he stopped digging.  He pull the thing, it was heavy. So he dragged that thing and drop in the hole. When he was dragging that thing, the cloth which was covering the thing revealed a hand. A blood stained hand. Oh My God that was a body. By the hand it was clear that it was a woman body as there were bangles in that hand. The hand clutched a golden chain in its grip. Perhaps it was of man, while fighting for her life she took it from man’s neck. But the man didn’t see that. But she knew that chain; the chain had her picture in the locket. It was the chain she gifted to Ravi on Valentine day.

Ritu didn’t want to go close, she wanted to run. But she was not able to move away. Some invisible force pushed her close to that man. She came near but the man didn’t notice. After putting that dead body, the man started to fill the hole with the dirt he dug before. Ritu saw in the hole and saw the face of that dead body.

She screamed to see the face; it was the same girl she was seeing in her dreams. Not only, she saw the face, she recognizes the face. It was Aina, the girl who was mad in love with Ravi. Soon the face was not visible anymore because the dirt covered the body fully. After completing his work the man wiped the sweat from his forehead and moved back.

He turned his face to Ritu and Ritu saw his face first time. She was surprised to see the face. He was Ravi.


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  1. Simmi says:

    Very nice

  2. catarannum says:

    awesome part….new turn of story…..eager to read next part…

  3. Aashima says:

    Awesome story year

  4. anitharaj003 says:

    wow… twist in story…
    nice.. waiting for next part…

    1. I am working on that.
      Soon you will get next part

  5. bharadwaj says:

    NIce Narration Sir!

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