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The haunted House (Part 7)


The Haunted House (Part 7)

She wanted to ask Ravi about what’s going on. But as she tried to speak, everything went dark and she opened eyes. She was on her bed and Ravi was sleeping on her side.

After that she couldn’t sleep. She started to arrange things for Pooja. After some time, Ravi woke up and asked why she didn’t wake him up also to help. But she told that she can do herself.

“What happened Ritu, did you see any other bad dream?” Ravi was sensing some disturbance in Ritu’s voice. It was clear that something was bothering her.

“Nothing, I just didn’t sleep well and I am tired.” Ritu was not sure what to say. She was really scared from the last night dream. In her dream Ravi was a killer. How could it be? She knew Ravi for more than five years. He can’t do anything illegal, murder is really big thing he can’t even slap a person. Moreover it was a dream, but a realistic dream. But still in her dream he was actually not a killer, he only hide the body. But it is like a killing act, hiding a murdered body. She was not able to think properly.

Work was over; all preparations were made so she decided to bath. She went to bathroom and start bathing. When she finished she came to mirror, there was fog on it. She took the small towel to wipe it. When she came near to it and wiped then she saw that girl again. Now she knew it was Aina. This time she was not looking at her. This time she had her back to her. Ritu was seeing in the mirror and Aina was writing on the wall opposite the mirror. Ritu didn’t see the face but she knew it was Aina.

To her horror, Aina was writing with blood stained hands with her own blood. “Remember me.” Ritu turned to see, she was expected another horror encounter with Aina like last time. She didn’t forget her bloody eyes. But there was none, neither Aina nor the wording. Where is it? She saw her writing, but now wall was clear, there was no blood or words on that. She turned to mirror again perhaps the words can be seen in mirror only. But now there was no Aina no words in the mirror also.

When she came back, she didn’t tell this to Ravi. This is the first time she was not afraid of her like before. Now she understood that Aina doesn’t want to hurt her. She only wants to tell her about her death, about the Ravi’s act of murder. Perhaps she wants to save her from Ravi.

“Today, you took long for a bath.” Ravi teased her but there was no smile on Ritu’s face.

Ravi wanted to say something other to cheer her up but the look on Ritu’s face stopped him and he also went to bathroom for a bath.

Ritu and Ravi were ready for Pooja before Meera came. After sometime Pandit Ji came, he was happy to see that everything was ready. He was in hurry because he needed to go somewhere else for pooja also. This was not exorcism; it was a religious pooja which is performed for peace in home.

Panndit ji started Havan (an act of Pooja, in which fire is lightened and while speaking mantras, ghee and other pure holly things are sacrificed in that fire).

Pooja was completed. Ravi gave Dakshina (am amount or thing in respect of Pooja) to Pandit ji. Full home was filled with holly smoke. After this, Ravi also went to office. Now Ritu and Meera were alone in the home.

Ritu opened her laptop and started internet. First of all, she googled any haunted house in Nagpur. She got some links but she was not satisfied as there was no connection with her house. So she started search for death, missing persons, unusual activities or paranormal activities. She searched for more than one hour. She found Aina in a line. She opened the story, this was a police case reference in newspaper about missing of a girl named Aina. By her photo, she recognized her at once.

Report was about four years back, when they moved to Kanpur. Aina was missing since then. She tried to find some extra. But she didn’t find anything. In India, if somebody doesn’t care about some missing person then police also doesn’t care about that case as there is a lot of pending cases with police. So perhaps nobody was tracking her or missing her, so even police doesn’t care about her.

So this is it, Aina is missing and her ghost is wandering in the house to get revenge or to get justice. But how she can help her?

“Meera, you were talking about some Tantrik in this area.” Ritu decided to take some action to help Aina.

“Yes, but you were not interested. Did something happen after that?” Meera was sure that something happened which scared Ritu to asked for the help of Tantrik.

“I think now it is time to get some help. But Ravi mustn’t know about this. He doesn’t like this.” Ritu lied because she doesn’t want Ravi to know that she is now investigating about Aina’s murder.

“Ok, I will ask him tomorrow, in morning I will go there so I will be late tomorrow.” Meera was ready to help her.

So it was decided that they will take help of that tantrik. Ritu had decided to get justice for Aina. She always hated Aina because she was mad about Ravi. Once she tried to kill Ritu by pushing her from third floor of office building. But by luck Ritu got hold of window of same floor. Aina was sentenced for this crime, but Ritu and Ravi decided not to charge her for attempt to murder. So she was freed with a warning. After that Ritu asked Ravi to leave this place. Fortunately Ravi got a job in Kanpur so they moved there. After that they didn’t hear about Aina and they didn’t bother to care about her.

But now when they moved to Nagpur, Aina again came into their life.


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  1. anitharaj003 says:

    very nice.. expecially ritu charecter… she tries to knw “true” nd wants to help aina…who r hurts in her past…

  2. bharadwaj says:

    Nice Narration Sir!
    Nice page colour also sir!

  3. catarannum says:

    keep writing… will rock as writer…

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