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The Haunted House (Part 9)


The Haunted House (Part 9)

When she got this clue she became restless. Yes, it was only a view by glimpse of her dream but she accused Ravi due to that dream also. So it was clear to her that there is something wrong because if that dream was true then it must be true fully not some incidents only.

Next day she and her parents hired a lawyer for defense of Ravi. They went to police station first. But inspector refused to let Ravi go. The lawyer told him that that evidence was not enough to prove Ravi guilty. But inspector was not listening. He just wanted to prove his work efficiency to his superior that how he caught a murderer so soon.  Ravi was surprised to see Ritu to police station for his rescue, after all she was the reason he was there. But he was happy because it showed that Ritu believes him. Her eyes were red and full of tears. Her eyes were showing that he didn’t sleep last night. But now there was a light in his eyes because now he knew that Ritu is on his side, not only Ritu but her parents are also with him. He was a orphan so it was a miracle for him to have a family support.. His family support.

After rejection from police they went to court for bail application. But Indian law system is not so fast; they got date after four days. Ritu was crying but the lawyer told her that she is lucky that she got hearing date so early. On first hearing Ravi’s lawyer proved that this evidence was insufficient to take Ravi in prison. Police was not able to prove anything against Ravi except Aina’s death happened four years ago. But Ravi’s lawyer objected that it is not proved that that dead body was Aina’s. He showed documents that Ravi left Nagpur four years ago for a better job and just came back few days back for a new and better job. That could be trick/trap or other reason that his locket was in dead body’s hand. Police argued that Ravi told a lie about that locket but lawyer told it can be a mistake. The locket was lost about four years ago perhaps when that unknown lady was dead. It might possible to forget the locket. The judge accepted this point and without any solid reason/proof he bailed Ravi. Ravi was instructed not to left country without court’s permission. But Ravi spent five long days in police custody.

Ravi came home happily but it was Ritu who was happier because the dream proved wrong. Once that dream made her believe that Ravi is guilty, now she was sure that Ravi was not guilty. Ravi asked her about her behavior then she told him about his dream. Ravi got angry because she didn’t tell him about that dream and only on basis of a dream she accepted that he is murderer. But his anger was short because he thought about the incidents and circumstances which made Ritu so weak that she believed on anything.

But there was really something because after that incident no strange thing happened, No bad dream came to Ritu. So why it was happening before Ravi was accused guilty.

“Perhaps Aina only wanted to her body to be found” Ravi suggested.

“But then why the dream showed me that you are the murderer?” Ritu was still suspicious about dream. She was sure that Ravi is innocent but that dream must have some reason because on the basis of that dream she found the body and the location was right and locket was also there.

“Perhaps that dream was not really real, it was just to show you that Aina’s body was there.” Ravi’s voice was lacking confidence. But he didn’t have any other idea.

Anyway this case made a good thing, Ritu’s parents came to them. After four years Ritu saw her parents. They took their dinner together. Ritu and her mother made the food. Meera was never there at time of dinner because she was living very far away so she left house in the early evening.

At night, when all were sleeping, Ritu’s sleep was broken by strange feeling. She felt that there is someone who is staring at her. It was really strange because she and Ravi were only in the room and she was slept, how she can felt so strongly about this. She opened her eyes and found face to face a scary Aina. Ritu was sleeping on back and Aina was above her. Aina was in mid air on her. Her face was only 5-6 inches far from Ritu’s face. This time her face was different. Her eyes were Red and face was white as same as before. But this time her tongue was out. Her tongue was long and floating in air like a snake. That snake like tongue touched Ritu’s face. She was licking her face. Ritu was frightened. She screamed but no voice came out from her mouth like that tongue observed the words which came out from her mouth. She tried to move her head and saw Ravi was sleeping near her. She tried to touch him with her hand to wake him but her full body was paralyzed. Some liquid fall on her face from mouth of Aina. She saw blood on Aina’s mouth. Was she trying to such her blood or she had already taste her blood while she was sleeping? Ritu was not sure about that. She was not able to feel her body. Only her head and eyes were moving like her whole body shrank into her head only.

Aina’s tongue’s movement became fast. It was like she is ready to bite her. But Aina heard or look something. She moved her head to the corner of the room. Ritu was not able to see there and she didn’t listen anything. But Aina’s face turned and became horrified. Ritu didn’t know what happened but from expression of Aina’s face she was sure that she was afraid. Aina’s face was already white, otherwise her expression were showing that she would be white by seeing that thing.

Immediately Aina left Ritu and disappeared. Ritu’s breath came back, her body started to move. She looked atonce in the corner to see what or who saved her from Aina’s teeth. She was surprised to see that there was another Aina in white cloths standing in the corner.


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  1. catarannum says:

    very nice….man gaye….really interesting…like watching Hollywood thriller…

  2. Simmi says:

    Ohhh very good….really is par to movie banni chahiye

  3. Manikanth says:

    I want to read full story….its too difficult for me to control my anxiety, its only because of ur writing style Sir….Nice going

    1. it is most happy moment of a writer’s life when his reader says this.
      I am working on next part, will post soon

  4. shilpi says:

    very nice dear……….so interesting…………..waiting for next part…………

  5. anitharaj003 says:

    very interesting… waiting for next part…

  6. Manikanth says:

    Sir please post the next part of the story… I am waiting…

    1. I was in Jaipur last week, so didn’t post anything. Now soon I am posting next part

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