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The Lost Highway (Part 1 of 2)


The Lost Highway

Karan and Rohit were going to their grandfather. It was May and their college was closed for summer vacation. Both were in college Karan was elder and Rohit was 2 years younger. Their parents also wanted to come with them but their father got a urgent work at office so he didn’t make it so their mother also didn’t come. They were in a cab driven by Ramesh a 40 year’s old experienced driver.

They were young and happy. There are a hundred ways to be happy in that young age. One of the best and commonly known as talking about girls.

“It will be better if Kavita would be here.” Karan said. Kavita was the girl of his class. He had a crush on her.

“if Kavita would be here then Rakesh would also be here” Rohit teased him. Rakesh was Kavita’s boyfriend.

“Oh shut up, he is just her friend. Have you seen his face? A pretty girl like Kavita would not even see an idiot like him. They are in same class that’s why Kavita talk to him and he only boasts about Kavita as his girlfriend.”  Karan’s voice was full of irritation.

But Rohit always enjoy teasing him. “But my friend saw him purpose her last week and she said yes.”

“Don’t make a fool of me. That’s why Shalini doesn’t talk to you. Who wants to talk to a fool? Atleast Kavita talks to me.” Karan counter attacked. Shalini was the dream girl of Rohit.

Driver Ramesh was enjoying their talk. He was very old and giving his services to their family from a long time. Anytime they need a cab they call to Ramesh.

This is not the first time they were going to their grandparents with Ramesh. But this time their car broke in the mid way. It took 3 hours to go to nearest city and get a mechanic. They were late now. It was November, about 6 pm it was getting dark. They were in speed because they wanted to reach their destination early and Ramesh was also in hurry because next day his cab was booked by other client. So he also wanted to come back early.

Car was at more than 120 kmph speed. There was something on the road. Ramesh applied brakes but car didn’t stop immediately. Due to speed it swings. They stopped and immediately came out from the car. All of them saw that black shadow which was on the way but now there was nothing.

“Perhaps that was a reflection of lights.” Karan suggested.

“Yes, I think you are right.” Ramesh’s voice was clearly said that he was not agreed but there was no other explanation.

They looked all sides.

“Hey, what is that? Where is this way go?” Rohit pointed to a road which was going right side.

“This road…. Strange.. I saw this first time.” Ramesh was surprised to see. Sometime a small road which was going to any village appears to the road was common. In India there are so many villages even prime minister can’t tell the exact number.

But this road was strange because it was fully made and it was like a highway not a small road to any village.

“See the board, this shows that Kaithal is only 50 KM but the way we are taking is 90 KM. So it is a shortcut by half.”

“Why didn’t I know this? I have never heard of this highway before.” Ramesh was suspicious.

“ohhoo Ramesh, perhaps government had given contract to a private company, they can built a road in one day only. I think we should take this road. To the worst, we need to pay toll tax only. But it will save half the way.” Karan told. He wanted to reach home quickly.

“I don’t know whether we should take this road or not.” Ramesh was still suspicious.

“Ask that villager.” Karan pointed to a villager who appeared like nowhere.

So Ramesh went there to ask and the villager confirmed that this is shortcut and made only 2 days before. Now they took this new road.

After going about 20 KM a girl came running on the road. Ramesh applied brake so fast that Karan and Rohit hit the front seats hard.

“What the hell….”

Car stopped with a halt but the girl wasn’t able to apply brake on her speed. It took her some seconds to apply brakes on her speed but it was too late. She crashed on the car. But fortunately their car was not in speed. So the crash was not harmful.

But girl fell down. All three of them came out from the car at once.  They came to girl. She was unconscious.

“Ramesh, bring some water.” Karan told Ramesh

Ramesh brought water. Karan took some water in his palm and splashed that on girl’s face. She shivered when the cold water touched her face. She was exceptional beautiful. Karan was worried before by this accident. But now he was happy to see such beautiful girl. He was young and young people don’t care about situation when their heart speaks to them. Same situation was happening to Rohit’s heart. He was also enchanted by girl’s beauty.

The girl opened her eyes. They asked why she was running. She told that her name was Mohini. She was living near village.

“My father is a farmer. We are really poor. My father took some loan from Sarpanch (Head of village). Now he was not able to pay the loan. So Sarpanch asked him to give me to him. My father refused that. Today Sarpanch’s men tried to kidnap me while I was coming from village fair. But somehow I ran from them. They are following me.”

“But there is nobody out there.” Karan saw in every direction to confirm.

“Perhaps they hide to see you.” Mohini was still afraid.

“Ok, we do one thing. We will take you to your father.” Rohit told.

“No, I can’t go this time. Perhaps they will be watching my home for my return. It is not good for me to go home tonight.”

“No problem, you can come with us.” Karan said quickly. He was trying to hide his happiness but a glimpse of his heart was surely seen. He was happy that Mohini don’t want to go her home. So she will come with them.

“Yes, this is the best option. We can call for police tomorrow. Then Sarpanch will not be able to touch you again.” Rohit agreed with Karan.

There was no other option. So it was decided. Mohini came into the car.

She was wearing a Red and green suit with Red dupatta. On suit there were white prints. She was looking gorgeous in that suit. Her lips were really red without any lipstick. Her eyes were black and so deep, nobody can ignore them. She was thin. Her height was about 5 feet 1 inch, dark black hair were increasing her beauty. Karan immediately took the other seat with her. Rohit saw him angrily but without saying other word he sat with driver.

Karan start talking to Mohini but Rohit was also keen to join talk. They went about 2 KM only. There was a tree trunk on the road. That was on put so no vehicle could be able to go further.

“This is a trap” Mohini told

“I think so. But how they got information about us here? We didn’t waste time near your village.” Karan asked.

“Bro, this is modern times.  Mobiles are available in villages also.” Rohit proved his knowledge.

“Ohk, Mr. Intelligent, now tell what to do?” Karan was in irritation cum worried mood.

“Hurry; back to the village, they are coming.” Mohini pointed to the people who were coming to the car.

Ramesh didn’t waste time and put Car in reverse gear. Car moved fast. People chased them but Ramesh was an expert driver.

Soon they were out of reach of them. But danger was not over because in that village Sarpanch was waiting for them.

“We can cross this road and can go to home. We will call grandpa that we will come after 2-3 days.” Rohit suggested.

“Phone!! Where is my mobile, I can call to police now.” Karan checked his phone but there was no signal. All three had mobile and all three were useless.

They started back and crossed the village again but after 2 KM there was another road block. They were stuck in that 5 KM road.

“There is another way, but it goes from inside village.” Mohini told.

“No problem, whole village is not our enemy. We can go through village.” Ramesh suggested to take that route.

So they entered into the village and the whole situation changed when their one front tyre burst.

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