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The Lost Highway (part 2 of 2)


The Lost Highway

They found people were coming to them running. It was clear that they were Sarpanch’s men. Mohini caught Karan’s hand and run to one side. Rohit and Ramesh followed them. Mohini was from same village so she knew all streets and shortcuts. She was changing the streets quickly. Rohit got his leg struck on a stone. He falls down. Ramesh stopped to help him as he was after him. But Karan and Mohini were ahead so they didn’t know about that.

Now there were two pairs of them Mohini-Karan and Rohit-Ramesh. Rohit was angry not only because they were separated. His main anger was because Mohini was separated.

Karan and Mohini saw back but there was no Rohit and Ramesh.

“Oh My God, we need to go back. We must find Rohit. If Sarpanch’s men will catch him what I will tell to mom.”

“But how can we find them now. We don’t know where we lost them.”

“He is my brother. I can’t leave him here and run away.” Karan was really worried now.

“I am not saying that we will leave them. I am just saying that we can’t go back on same way. Perhaps they will come to us. Let’s hide somewhere and wait for them.” Mohini was still holding Karan’s hand. She took him to a vacant hut.

The hut was not big and they both were afraid. So they both were sitting very close to support each other. Mohini’s face was really close to Karan. He was watching her very closely now. There were sweat on her forehead and it was shining like glittering stars. Her breath was fast and heavy. He was feeling her heart beats. After sometime Mohini felt his breath really near to her cheek. She saw to him and both faces were so close that their noses were touching each other. A shiver ran in her spine. Karan lips forwarded and touched her lips. She allowed his lips in to her lips. Soon they were kissing passionately each other.

“Look, they can’t go very far.” A hard and loud voice came and broke their romance.

Sarpanch’s men came near to their hut. They waited till they go.

“This is not safe now. Come.” Mohini took his hand and came out. Sarpanch’s men were not gone. They were in nearby hut. So they ran again. They found Rohit in the mid way.

“Where is Ramesh?” Karan asked. He was happy that Rohit was safe.

“I don’t know. He was with me but on a turn I lost him.” Rohit said breathlessly.

“Let’s go, they are chasing us. We can’t talk in open.” Mohini took both of them to one side.

Rohit was really tired. He didn’t chance to rest. He was running continuously.

“This village is like a maze. I turned many times and came to same place every time.” Rohit said

“Don’t worry, we have Mohini. She know the way and she will take us out of this village.” Karan assured him.

“But we need to find Ramesh. Do one thing you and Rohit stay here and I will go and find Ramesh.” Mohit stood up to go. But Karan stopped her. He didn’t want to let her go alone in this situation. They were outsider. Sarpanch’s men don’t know them and they don’t have any problem with them. So it was much chance that if they found him without Mohini they will not touch him.

So he went in search of Ramesh. Rohit was really tired and there was blood on his hand. He got wound while running. Mohini teared here dupatta and bound the wound to stop blood.

“That’s really nice. Thank you.” Rohit told her.

“Oh no, it’s nothing. You saved me. You and your friends are in danger only because of me. I thank you.” Mohini was really grateful for them.

Rohit took it as love or first invitation. This teen age always prove foolish it in these situations. He came forward and embraces Mohini and kissed on her cheek.

“What are you doing?” Mohini pushed him aside.

“Sorry, I am really sorry. But you are so beautiful that I lost my control on me. I had never seen so beautiful girl like you in my whole life.”

Mohini was angry but she was a girl also. She knew that Rohit is a good person. Her anger came down. She told him that she is only grateful to him. Don’t take it otherwise.

Soon Karan came with Ramesh. Now they decided to go from the village. Ramesh told something about his car. But nobody was listening. He didn’t argue much because first thing was ‘keep them alive’.

Mohini took them to that way which was going outside the village to the main highway. When they came to the end of village a axe came flowing and thrust into Ramesh back.

All shouted. They were found by the Sarpanch’s men and they didn’t want to catch them alive. Soon every person was running to the trees.  Karan ran in one direction, Mohini and Rohit went in other direction. Sarpanch’s men were chasing Mohini. So they went for Mohini and Rohit.

Mohini and Rohit were surrounded. Sarpanch came to them. He had a axe in his hand. Without saying a word in wave the axe to Rohit. The axe caught Rohit by throat. He fell down on the ground. Sarpanch caught Mohini’s hand and pulled her to village.

When they reach to edge of trees, Karan came from the back of a tree. He was holding the axe which was stuck in Ramesh’s back. He threw the axe to Sarpanch. This happened so fast neither Sarpanch nor Sarpanch’s men could do anything to Stop Karan.

The axe hit Sarpanch on forehead. But Sarpanch didn’t fall. He stood still. He caught the axe and pulled out from his forehead.

It was impossible. He was still alive. He laughed and came to Karan. Karan was motionless. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Sarpanch can and put the axe on his throat and said “Brave man. You won you and yours friends lives.” Saying this word he hit Karan with the axe.

Darkness falls on Karan’s eye. He felt cold and fresh air on his face. He opened his eyes. He was in his car. Rohit was sleeping near him on back seat. Ramesh was sleeping on driver’s seat. They were in their car and car was on the highway. It was the same place where they turned to that strange way. But now there was no such road. He woke Rohit and Ramesh. They were also surprised because each of them saw the same dream. But that was a dream, all of them were alive. So they were there whole night sleeping? Nobody was able to tell what really happened or not happened that night.


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    Different Story Ma’m !

  2. bharadwaj says:

    Its a different story sir! Sorry for the previous comment !

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    Goof sir ji

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    nice one…………………..

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    nice one prashant

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