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Why Government employees do strike

I was reading newspaper today and read about the roadways employees strike in Haryana. It is from two days and millions of people are affected by this. The problem is Government is giving permit to private buses. I don’t know why these government employees are always ready for strike.

For private bus service, I am fully support private buses. I have seen how useful these are. Many times I have seen in my travelling when roadways bus had enough passengers then they don’t stop for other passengers who are waiting for buses even on bus stop. On the other hand, private buses pick those passengers. One more thing, buses are short on many routes so increasing number of buses will help people.

Government employees are most fortunate persons in India. In compare to private employees they have job security whether they do their work or not. They have full salary guarantee even when government is facing loss. They got great pension schemes and other retirement benefits on the other hand private sector employee don’t have any of these. Their pension is low even they are working on same designation of government employees. Government employees are getting more leaves and less working hours, they don’t do work even in working hours leave the point of working after working hours and this is known by everyone. On the other hand private employees do work after working hours and they don’t get overtime. (I know many will say that there is schemes for this but believe me I am in private section on management level and know these are only schemes in papers. Private sector management prepares records so that these schemes don’t have any effect on these.) still private sector don’t go for strike because they know a single strike will be the reason to fire them but government employees don’t have this type of problem. They know nobody is going to fire them so they can do anything.

A question for government that why this type of strikes are acceptable? This is the duty of government ministers and employees that they must serve people but they are thinking about only themselves. They have more responsibility that’s why they are getting better salary and perquisites but they are forgetting this. I believe government must give permit to private buses and in all government work they must let enter the private sector. This is the only way to develop India.

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