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Why Onion is getting high


Why Onion is getting high

These days only discussion in India is “Why onion prices are rising?”

This was not completed further news came that Potato and tomato have catch the onion road. The only reason is being told that big businessmen are stocking these. Our government is requesting them not to do so. So big and powerful nation can’t take action against some corrupt businessmen like a small country Venezuela. This country use military action against these type of big businessmen to control stocking. Anyway this is not the basis of my article.

My logic is

“Can’t this is due to our unprogrammed development? In process of development our government gave agriculture land near cities to industries. Farmers were also happy because they got a very high price for their land. After getting money they left agriculture and start living luxurious life. Their children got billions of rupees and no work. Now they are turning to crime side. NCR region is great example for this situation. Industry is developing but where is that agriculture land? Our agriculture position was not upto standard before also. Now we don’t have land for agriculture. So how we are supposing to get more food? Demand and supply rule is universal rule, when supply in decreasing then price will be high because demand is high.

Second point is government’s vote policy. I have already written article on free distribution of things by government. When farmers are getting free electricity, free water supply then why they are being provided free mobile, free laptop, free food. When we are giving all things free then we are making them beggar and beggar can’t provide food to anybody. On the other hand, city people are paying more for electricity, water and more taxes to contribute in free equipments scheme.

My suggestion is before giving agriculture land to industry government must arrange other land for agriculture otherwise industry will be everywhere but agriculture will be nowhere.


3 Responses to “ Why Onion is getting high ”

  1. bharadwaj says:

    Thought provoking article sir! Government while enforcing policies should have a department which thinks of these factors, and states whether from social and humanity point of view, whether it is correct or not, if possible a professional body like ICAI should be built and they should be released in all requisite fields. I think then only atleast some change can be expected!

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